• August 14, 2013

Heard the one about the comic who…

Heard the one about the comic who…

Heard the one about the comic who… 150 150 mhamer

The Manchester Evening News featured the story about Frankie Mulgrew's ordinationFrankie Mulgrew’s ordination to the Roman Catholic priesthood has received plenty of publicity in the media.

The 35-year-old younger son of Irish-born and Rochdale-based entertainer Jimmy Cricket became a priest this summer and among newspapers and websites to provide coverage of the special event was the Manchester Evening News which printed a news article (above).

It included quotes from Fr Frankie who says he used to drive comedian Peter Kay to shows.

Frankie, who has been a stand-up comedian in his own right, says one of his first parts in show business was “playing the back end of a cow at the Belfast Opera House”.

The newly ordained priest, whose stage name was Frankie Doodle, has compiled and edited a book called Does God LOL? (LOL is internet slang for Laugh Out Loud), which went on sale recently.

Ken Dodd, Ricky Tomlinson, Tim Vine, Jo Brand, Milton Jones and the late Frank Carson are among the famous showbiz names to have contributed to the book, which is priced at £7.99 or less (and is available at all good bookshops and websites, including Amazon).

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