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More Twitter fun from your favourite comedian! 150 150 mhamer

More Twitter fun from your favourite comedian!

Funnyman Jimmy Cricket tells regular jokes onlineHere are some more of those hilarious one-liners from famous funnyman Jimmy Cricket.

The popular Northern Irish comedian regularly posts jokes on social media to entertain fans and friends.

And the following is a selection of Jimmy’s latest gags from his Twitter account.

Lots of fish can’t believe it when they’re caught… Some of them are gutted.

Movies about hurricanes leave me cold!

I’ve heard that occasionally Thomas the Tank Engine would lose his temper…that’s not such a bad thing, it’s good to let steam off every now and then.

Never have a barney with an octopus…You’ll only have him up in arms!

Two television weathermen had a barney in the pub. One accused the other of stealing his thunder!

I feel sorry for the people of Jersey….If President Macron cuts off their electricity, they’re going to have to watch the tele in the dark.

I don’t always talk about space exploration… Maybe once in a blue moon.

I’ve just got a new fridge!… How cool is that?

The plot thickens!

It’s okay for Boris to say we can hug each other again, but I’ve just hugged the blonde lady who lives down the road and she slapped my face!

I think Barbie should marry Ken. I mean where could she find another fella like that? He’s out of the top drawer.

I think the Beeb should hire more ex-football referees… That way the public would see they’re not afraid to employ whistleblowers.

I worked for a bad tempered photographer once. Every time he got mad he would throw the camera at me… I still get flashbacks.

I’ve just written a play about a man who keeps emptying a small portion of soil into his neighbour’s allotment every day… As the story unfolds, the plot thickens!

Read more of funnyman Jimmy’s jokes and keep up to date with everything he’s doing at

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From the archives: Secret service sketch from TV series 150 150 mhamer

From the archives: Secret service sketch from TV series

Jimmy Cricket has been posting more sketches from his 1980s TV series.

Jimmy Cricket has highlighted another sketch from his 1980s TV series on social media.

Central Television hosted And There’s More.

The famous Northern Irish comedian linked to the latest sketch in which he plays a hapless secret service agent called Wally!

Wally is shown to his hotel room by a hotel porter.

He receives a message which he thinks is in code, until the porter points out the piece of paper is upside down.

Wally gives it to the porter to read and it begins: “On no account, let the hotel porter see this note!”

And so he immediately grabs it back off her.

Watch the full sketch on Jimmy’s Twitter account here.

He said on social media: “Hi folks! Editing snippets from, And There’s More, series for the website.

“Thought I would share this one with you, for all those who miss sketch shows on the telly.

“This one is for you! #savethearts.”

Jimmy became a household name with And There’s More, which ran for a total of three years between 1985 and 1988.

Keep an eye on the homepage of this website for more sketches from And There’s More.

Watch series two episode four of And There’s More

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Borrowing Frank Manning’s suit landed me in trouble! 150 150 mhamer

Borrowing Frank Manning’s suit landed me in trouble!

The night I borrowed Frank Mannings' suit

Sifting through some old photographs reminded Jimmy Cricket about the time he borrowed a suit off fellow comedian Frank Manning.

Northern Irish entertainer Jimmy tells the funny tale in his latest newspaper column.

Writing in the Lancashire Post, he says: “Going through old photos during lockdown can conjure up some showbiz memories.

“It was the early eighties and I  was going through the airport in Jersey with Mrs Cricket and my three small children.

“I noticed comedian Bernard Manning in the distance. Now, knowing Bernard’s penchant for making sharp retorts to fellow entertainers and knowing also that we had to pass him, I girded my loins.

“Bernard didn’t let me down; as we approached him, he let rip in his inimitable way as  his bull-throated vocals went into full throttle.

“‘What’s this, the von Trapp family? Don’t you ever go to sleep at night… haven’t you heard of Horlicks?’

“Phew! Was I glad to make it to the other side?! To be honest, folks, I was relieved. At least he didn’t swear.

“However, this column isn’t about Bernard, but about his brother Frank. We have to go back a further 10 years for this story.

“It’s the early seventies and I was a struggling comedian trying to make my way in the Northern Clubland.

“A friend told me about this great second-hand shop in Manchester he’d discovered that sold clothes that had been discarded by famous Entertainers.

I looked the ‘bees knees’

“He told me excitedly that there was a suit in the window that had been worn by the famous singing star of the fifties, Frankie Vaughan.

“I rushed down, bought it and for my next stage appearance I looked the ‘bees knees’ (this was way before the hat and wellies).

“When I was offered a week’s cabaret in a club in Newquay, Cornwall, I jumped in the car and headed off.

“Halfway through the journey, I realised I’d forgotten my new stage suit.

“When I arrived at the club, Frank Manning was there to greet me.

“He told me he was Bernard’s brother and he was not only the club compere but he was the club owner as well.

“I thought I better come clean. ‘Frank,’ I said, “I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’ve forgotten to bring my stage suit!’

“He rolled his eyes and mumbled: ‘Oh no, what have they sent me?’

Vest full of holes

“Then he eye-balled me up and down and said: ‘Alright, you can borrow one of mine.’ What a gesture! And what a relief!

“So that night I went on stage wearing the club owner’s suit!

“Now, I have to tell you this folks, so come closer.

“I was in my late 20s and I did a very visual and zany act back then.

“It entailed doing a cod strip where I threw off my jacket, shirt and bow tie to reveal a vest full of holes.

“Then I would take down my pants and underneath was a pair of long straggly brown shorts. I then took out a safari hat from my  case and did a jungle routine.

“I thought it went well, but my euphoria was short-lived for when I came off stage, Frank was waiting for me with a face like thunder.

“This time his eyes weren’t rolling; they were fixed on me with an icy stare.

Lasting legacy

“‘Do you know how much I paid for that suit?’ he shouted. ‘How dare you trail it across the stage!’

“He was still ranting as he turned and headed through the kitchen. I chased after him trying to explain: ‘Frank, it’s part of the act… I didn’t realise … look, I’ll get it cleaned for you.’

“It was to no avail – Frank was inconsolable.

“Well, you know what they say, a new day, a new dawn.

“I had Frank’s suit cleaned and Mrs Cricket sent my Frankie Vaughan suit by rail via Red Star.

“Frank and I made it up and for the rest of the week we got on like a house on fire.

“Although Frank is no longer with us, he’s left us a lasting legacy in Cornwall.

“If you drive into the centre of Truro you’ll see a big shiny building with the words, ‘Manning’s Hotel’ in big bold letters.

“Keep safe readers and don’t forget to join me for my next column.”

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Live stage shows back on Jimmy’s calendar! 150 150 mhamer

Live stage shows back on Jimmy’s calendar!

Jimmy Cricket's schedule of when he is appearing live on stageJimmy Cricket is just over a month away from returning to the stage!

Like so many other entertainers, the famous funnyman has had to be patient as the coronavirus pandemic forced the suspension of all live shows in person.

But the popular Northern Ireland comedian has lined up several stage performances over the coming months.

As things stand, his first  appearance is at Oxton Conservative Club in Birkenhead on the Wirral, Merseyside, on Sunday 27 June.

Jimmy then makes his eagerly awaited return to the Lyndene, his favourite Blackpool hotel, on Wednesday 7 July.

The Lyndene and sister hotel St Chads had reportedly shut their doors for the final time.

However, new reports in February said the two hotels were ready to return to business.

Jimmy has appeared regularly on the popular Lyndene’s two stages over the past few years.

Five seasons

His performances at the Lyndene were limited during 2020 following the restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jimmy did his last show there in September before another lockdown again resulted in the closure of hospitality venues.

The Lyndene and St Chads stand next to each other on the seafront. Husband and wife team Paul and Claire Swift manage both.

Jimmy will be appearing once a month at the Lyndene from July until the end of the year.

He has had five seasons in total at the Lyndene.

The hotel starred as the Le Ponderosa in the second series of Peter Kay’s TV hit comedy Phoenix Nights.

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See all Jimmy’s booked shows (note the schedule is updated regularly)

From the archives: 1983 Children’s Royal Variety Performance 150 150 mhamer

From the archives: 1983 Children’s Royal Variety Performance

Hi folks editing footage, and here's my little contribution to the 3rd Children's Royal Variety Show, (this idea was the creation of Rod Hull), at the end, how many artistes do you know? Alongside the great advocate of Variety, David Bell #keepvarietyalive

The third Children’s Royal Variety Performance featured many top entertainers, including our very own Jimmy Cricket.

Jimmy has been reliving the star-studded show from nearly 40 years ago by making his own performance available online.

He posted on social media: “Hi folks we’re editing some footage and here’s my little contribution which was recorded at the 3rd Children’s Royal Variety Performance.

“This idea was the creation of Speciality Act Rod Hull, which raised a lot of money for the NSPCC over the 13 years.

This one was staged by LWT – can you name all the Variety Artistes at the end of the clip in the line-up?

“Alongside the great advocate of Televised Variety, the sadly missed David Bell #keepvarietyalive”

Also among the performers in March 1983 were Russ Abbot, Kim Wilde, Jeremy Beadle, Stu Francis, Keith Chegwin, Dustin Gee and Maggie Philbin.

Princess Margaret was the royal guest.

The replies to Jimmy’s post included:

Stewart: I remember Dustin Gee doing a gig at Haslingden Cricket Club many years ago.

Gildas: Well worth watching , would love to see the full show (see below).

Gary: Love it

Michelle: Brilliant

Simon: Brilliant and still funny!

Pete: That’s when variety was at its best. Lovely to see.

Rod: Jimmy Cricket you are brill. Total pro.

Paul: Really fab Jimmy.

Dom: Love it Jimmy. Well done pal.

Watch Jimmy’s performance below.

Watch the full show here

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Brian Conley among special guests in 1980s TV show 150 150 mhamer

Brian Conley among special guests in 1980s TV show

Brian Conley appeared in Jimmy Cricket's TV show on Central Television

Jimmy Cricket has been enjoying editing one of his old TV series, which featured well-known entertainer Brian Conley.

Central Television hosted the series, And There’s More, in the mid-1980s.

Northern Irish comedian Jimmy recalled: “Having fun today editing the second series, which was filmed at Central Television Studios alongside so many of my fellow performers, and technicians and writers and camera crew.

“Back when there was stand-up and sketches in the same show! #SaveTheArts.”

Jimmy will be putting up some clips from the TV series on the homepage of this website, so look out for those, folks!

Conley is an English comedian, television presenter, singer and actor.

He hosted The Brian Conley Show, as well as presenting the Royal Variety Performance on eight occasions.

During a 40-year television career, he has also starred in multiple award-winning television sitcoms, including Time After Time and The Grimleys.

Additionally, he had lead roles West Ends in musicals.

Also on the bill was singer Patti Gold, a very good friend of Jimmy’s.

Patti also featured in Jimmy’s first television series on ITV of And There’s More.

Alongside Patti in that series was impressionist Rory Bremner.

That was Rory’s first break on television before he launched himself on an even bigger stage.

Jimmy himself became a household name through the two TV series, which ran for three years between 1985 and 1988.

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Watch series two episode four of And There’s More here


Rotary club benefits from virtual variety event 150 150 mhamer

Rotary club benefits from virtual variety event

Irish comedian Jimmy Cricket in the virtual Rotary Variety Show which raised £800 for Minster-on-Sea Rotary ClubJimmy Cricket has helped to raise money for a Rotary club by appearing in an online show also starring an ex-EastEnders star.

Shaun Williamson (pictured below), who played Barry Evans in the TV soap, joined forces with Jimmy on behalf of the charity.

An article by KentOnline published an article about the event.

It reported: “You’ve heard of the Royal Variety Show but how many knew about the Rotary Variety Show?

“Celebrities such as former EastEnders’ actor Shaun Williamson, who played Barry Evans in the TV soap, and Irish comedian Jimmy Cricket joined forces to perform in the virtual variety show to raise funds for Minster-on-Sea Rotary Club on the Isle of Sheppey.

“The event, which featured 10 acts, raised £800 for Minster-on-Sea Rotary Club.

“Club president Ray Seager said: ‘We ran it as fundraiser for local charities to help replace the lost income from our beer festival, Santa Saunter and Island Run.

“‘As a club we have run three online pig races, one for ourselves, one for Maidstone Dawn Patrol Rotary Club and one to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease.

“‘Adding all four events together we have raised more than £10,000.'”

Read the rest of the article here

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Sheppey-based Shaun Williamson, former Barry Evans in EastEnders, performed sit-down comedy in the virtual Rotary Variety Show which raised £800 for Minster-on-Sea Rotary Club