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Fiffen and Faffen Podcast


Starring Jimmy Cricket, Jonathan Young, Colin Meredith and Mandy Stableford

Fiffen and Faffen Podcasts tell the story of how the boys survive, and come back to work after the pandemic, and how they circumnavigate their live act to adapt to the ever changing face of showbusiness!

1st podcast is above, then the other recordings 2-4 are in order, to the right of the screen folks!

Style Magazine Review Below

Jimmy Cricket’s first play, which got a great reception from the audience on its debut performance, also toured Northern England in 2019 and early 2020.

No more Fiffing and Faffing was staged for the first time in September 2018 at the Blackburn Empire Theatre.

Appearing with funnyman Jimmy is Jonathan Young from The Bachelors, and actor Colin Meredith, who has had several notable appearances in ITV’s Coronation Street over the years.

The play was performed at The Met in Bury (23 February 2019), and in between the boys other commitments then, was also @Chorley Theatre (19 May), then @Bridlington Spa (18 July) and the @Gladstone Theatre (6th Oct), then in 2020 it was performed @Plaza Theatre Stockport (19th Jan), then @Middlesbrough Theatre (23rd Jan).

No more Fiffing and Faffing was reviewed in an edition of the Rochdale-based Style magazine (see image below).

At the time Jimmy tweeted: “My thanks to Ruth and Colin  for the review in the recently released Style Magazine, we will be bringing the Comedy Play to  23rd February,  19th May,  18th July, and at the Gladstone Theatre in the  in 2019!”

The show, written by Jimmy, is an hilarious look at the end of an era of British comedy.

It is about a comedy double act called Joe Fiffen and Jerry Faffen on their last night in showbusiness in an end of Pier Show. Set in the Dressing Room, (where they settle old scores), and on stage, (where the audience share in some of their classic sketches and crossovers), it is a mixture of Drama and Variety!

Style Magazine

Jimmy was at The Met in Bury with the play February 2019

In the audience was Director and actress Noreen Kershaw who said, “It was a warm piece of Theatre and very funny, while giving us an insight into the two main characters working lives”.

Actress Sue Devaney also enjoyed the Comedy Play on the evening, she said, “What a great fun show with lots of Variety sketches while you follow the double act through their last show together. A great evenings entertainment!”.

Mark Andrews entrepreneur of many Panto’s and Live Shows said, “It was a very funny nostalgia look into the world of a double acts working life, on and off the stage, and the end of pier show, which we can all relate too who are born off a certain age! I found it highly entertaining”.

Jimmy & Jonathan in action!

Here performing the Tennis Sketch!

Jimmy went back to the Plaza Stockport with the Comedy Play

Ted Doan Manager and an actor himself, who has accompanied Jimmy on stage, performed once again alongside Jimmy. Above is the interview and the press release for the Plaza show!

Our thanks to everyone who came to see the play @StockportPlaza1 and to Ted the Manager with his technical team, Rosie and Ben and Jake and all the volunteers alongside, David from @DavidHullPromo and @andrealNtheatre and Manager Ruth from @Grand_Theatre and @GerryMolumby

Here is Jimmy with Jonathan and Colin and two off Ted Doan’s, (the Manager), technical crew, Ben and Jake, outside the wonderful Plaza in Stockport before their show!

Here was the premier of, “No More Fiffing and Faffing”, last September 2018

Then it was performed @Met in Bury February 2019

fiffing and faffing

It also played to two houses on Sunday 19th May 2019!

Then there was a summer showing 18th July 2019!

Then the Gladstone Theatre Sunday 6th October 2019!

Style Magazine

Jimmy alongside the Style magazine has had the Play reviewed by the Rochdale Observer below!

Come ere, there’s more”

Comedy Play, “No More Fiffing and Faffing”

“Calling all Theatre’s”, consisting of Sketches, Variety and Drama, it tells the story of the double act Joe Fiffen and Jerry Faffen who have been together for 36 years and who now are about to perform for the last time together in an end of Pier Show in Clusters-on-Sea, while settling old scores in the dressing room on the night!

If you are a Theatre Manager and are interested, and would like to run with a Production of the Comedy Play, call May on 01706 353545/412552.

Here is Steve Cooke’s Review in the Rochdale Observer:-

Laughter and tears in Jimmy’s faff-tastic end of pier show

Written by and starring Jimmy Cricket, expertly supported by Rochdale’s Colin Meredith and Jonathan Young from the  Bachelors, No More Fiffing and Faffing is a laugh out loud delight from beginning to end.

I was lucky enough to catch a performance at Bury Met in the company of Sue Devaney who herself is no stranger to mirth-making with such as her stint in Victoria Wood’s Dinner Ladies.

Set at the end of the pier, it’s the tale of a comedy double act, Fiffing and Faffing, who are preparing for their final performance after many years on the road together.

A final performance that is under threat of not happening because of a raging storm that has alerted a vigilant health and safety officer.

Tensions between Joe Fiffing, (Jimmy Cricket), and Jerry Faffing, (Jonathan Young), come to the fore and add to the likely hood of a no show.

Stage manager Archie Gibbons, (Colin Meredith), tries valiantly to smooth over the bumpy road to the final performance. The Audience are treated to moments of tension, pathos and downright hilarity.

In the scenes where Fiffing and Faffing perform their act we get Jimmy’s comedy golden nuggets at their best.

We see Joe and Jerry strut their stuff on stage, then follow them to the dressing room where they settle old scores!

Luckily Archie is on hand to sort things out, enabling the boys to perform all their best routines for their loyal fans at their swan song show.

Jimmy explained: “The show is a part drama and part variety. We see the duo doing their act on stage but also see what’s happening off stage in the dressing room. It’s nice being able to strike that balance so for an audience, there are some classic comedy routines to enjoy but also the relationship between the two comedians”.

Jimmy was inspired to write No More Fiffing and Faffing after working with so many double acts over his long career.

Title Song of, ``No More Fiffing and Faffing``

Why not listen to the sound track to the title song of the comedy play, “No More Fiffing and Faffing”

  • Angel Lenton-Jones December 15, 2019 at 8:03 pm

    Omg, a discussion about yard boots amongst my global Facebook horsey friends, and me posting a picture of you and your boots, led me to this website.
    I’m gutted I’ve missed the shows, my family have just moved from Blackburn, I’m now near Glasgow.
    I will try get down south.
    ANYWAYS. Have you thought about broadcasting radio/podcast…would love to hear about the prior years and stories of Fiffin and Faffin.

    • dale May 11, 2021 at 12:01 pm

      Hi Angel
      thanks for your comments. If you go on my website and look at Jimmy’s Cricket Team, it will take you to the Comedy Radio Series recorded in the 1990’s that you can have a listen too.

      Hope you and the family are well Angel during these difficult times!

      Best Wishes

      Jimmy x

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