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Hi Folks! Welcome to my Website!

To all Theatre Manager’s, the enclosed show, is now taking bookings for 2021/22. Just ring us on 01706 353545 or 01706 412552

Welcome back from the storm

Hi folks here’s a clip from a show I did back in 2008 at the wonderful Birmingham Symphony Hall which had been put together by Bob Brolly, (who was born in Northern Ireland), but is a long established broadcaster personality in the West Midlands.

Here’s Jimmy in his 4th Series for Central Television, Episode One.

Newspaper Column

Did you know I have a newspaper column?  Well take a look at the archives here.  We are adding more, but started at 2015.  Click here.

Hey, there's more.. I'm on Tour!

I’d love it if you came to see me.  My tour dates are all here on my website.  Click this button to see when you can visit.