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Hi Folks! Welcome to my Website!

Looking forward to the following shows, Thursday 23rd September @2.30pm at the Assembly Rooms in Tamworth, and Tuesday 19th October at the Cast Theatre in Doncaster @1.30pm, and also touring with the wonderfully talented Leah Bell in a Queens Jubilee Show in 2022, why not come and join in on the fun!

To all Theatre Manager’s, the enclosed show, is now taking bookings for 2021/22. Just ring us on 01706 353545 or 01706 412552

Hi Folks! Here is another sketch the, “Toastmaster”, which I performed with the great actor Allan Cuthbertson who was such a lovely person to work with!

And There’s More Stand Up here Folks, alongside the very big suitcase which the audience on the night helped with, at the end of the sketch by climbing inside! Can you spot Eddie Braben in the audience and set folks?

Newspaper Column

Did you know I have a newspaper column?  Well take a look at the archives here.  We are adding more, but started at 2015.  Click here.

Hey, there's more.. I'm on Tour!

I’d love it if you came to see me.  My tour dates are all here on my website.  Click this button to see when you can visit.