Papal Knighthood KSG.


We are overjoyed by the news of my Dad’s Papal Knighthood from Pope Francis. My Dad was told last Friday afternoon, 18th September with an unexpected visit by his local Parish Priest, Fr Joe Sweeney, in which my parents broke open the ‘Marks and Spencer’s biscuits. Hey, you don’t get Papal Knighthood’s by being too rock n’ roll. The news came as a big shock to me last Friday when my Dad rang me to tell me…and it continues to do so – I’m actually wondering if there’s a small green grasshopper somewhere with his mates, crying into a pint of beer, ‘But Pinocchio, surely they meant Jiminy?!’

This achievement is momentous of spiritual proportions. To be given the Order of St Gregory, is because the Pope, the Church, recognise your achievements in the service and building up of God’s kingdom through charitable works, where a lot of people have had joy and laughter brought into their lives – and that is something very special indeed. And don’t worry we will all be celebrating in style. There is still a Thanksgiving Mass to happen in which my Dad will receive the Knighthood officially by the Diocesan Bishop or a representative of his. And an already planned 70th birthday, which will now go onto another level with this Knighthood!

But as a family we are all overjoyed by this prestigious Knighthood and by the highest honour a lay person can receive in the Catholic Church.

Thank you Pope Francis!

September 2015

Fr. Frankie Mulgrew – Jimmy’s son

22nd September 2015

(In recognition of his service to the Pope and the Church through excellent examples in community and country.)

Fr Frankie is celebrating 10 years in the Priesthood

Currently serving the community @Mary’s Meals in Scotland

Fr Frankie’s Daily Reflection in these troubled times!

Below with Bishop John of the Salford Diocese alongside May his wife, and Jimmy with his great family friend Lord David Alton.

Here is a photo of the celebration in St Patrick’s Catholic Church alongside a picture of me with my fellow Irishman and friend, Martin Logan from the television company ‘The Irish in the UK who interviewed me and wife May on the day!

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