• July 11, 2013

What’s the story in Costa de Looney?

What’s the story in Costa de Looney?

What’s the story in Costa de Looney? 150 150 mhamer

Have you got your tickets yet for Jimmy Cricket’s new musical later this year?

Maloney’s Big Moment is being staged at the Thwaites Empire Theatre in Blackburn on Friday and Saturday, 11 and 12 October.

Jimmy Cricket's new musical is called Maloney's Big Moment

Jimmy’s new musical is called Maloney’s Big Moment

And tickets are on sale now after the show was officially launched on 1 July.

Famous entertainer Jimmy got the idea for the play after reading a newspaper story about a Spanish coastal town electing an English ex-pat as its mayor.

He thought it was a really fascinating scenario, especially as the elected candidate did not have a particular good grasp of Spanish!

This original piece of theatre was first written as a radio play and recorded for a Catholic radio station earlier this year.

And it got its first public showing in front of a live audience at St Vincent’s Parish Centre in Rochdale in April.

Jimmy was keen to convert it into his favourite genre – musical theatre – so he has kept a lot of the dialogue and added to the piece a number of songs. It is based in the fictional town of Costa de Looney.

The proceeds from the musical will go towards the theatre’s roof appeal.

It is a cause near to Jimmy’s heart – he is a very vociferous supporter of live theatre and keeping theatres open.

* The booking office is open from 10am-12.30pm, Monday to Saturday, on 01254 685500.

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