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‘Thanks for helping me to have a special birthday!’ 150 150 mhamer

‘Thanks for helping me to have a special birthday!’

Jimmy Cricket celebrated his 73rd birthday performing at Rivington Hall Barn in Lancashire.

The well-known Northern Irish funnyman did two shows on 16 and 17 October, which were part of the venue’s series of special lunchtime parties, with his old friend Keith Swift, a singer.

And he posted on social media later: “Have enjoyed working over the last two afternoons at the wonderful , my thanks to Kevin, Matthew, Trish, Jill, Ben and all the staff, who helped to make my Birthday very special, (alongside my Twitter friends), here also with my fellow act and friend Keith Swift.”

Rivington Hall, situated between Bolton and Chorley, has been home to the Salmon family since 1953.

The barn had been empty after World War II and, following refurbishment, it became a venue for all types of events and has continued to be since then.

Above: Jimmy plays the saxophone while fellow cast members and staff sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him.

Below are some of the photographs Jimmy posted on social media from the shows.

Have enjoyed working over the last two afternoons at the wonderful @Rivington_Barn

‘Fabulous’ birthday at Yorkshire charity event 150 150 mhamer

‘Fabulous’ birthday at Yorkshire charity event

Jimmy Cricket's birthday cake

Jimmy Cricket celebrated his 72nd birthday with a charity show in South Yorkshire – and a special cake.

The famous funnyman tweeted on 17 October: “Had a fabulous Birthday evening at Holiday Inn Barnsley with the Rotary Club with Martin and Chrissie Colman for the Charity @

With 201 branches across the UK and Republic of Ireland, the Samaritans provide an around-the-clock service for anybody in need.

The Rotary is a national voluntary organisation whose aim is to raise funds for worthy causes both at home and abroad.

Jimmy Cricket

Add your name to my birthday book! 150 150 mhamer

Add your name to my birthday book!

Jimmy Cricket's birthday card to Denise Glyn-Hughes

Jimmy Cricket is inviting fans to add their names to his burgeoning birthday book.

The well-known Northern Irish entertainer has a book that he brings with him to all his live shows.

Anybody who wants to be sent one  of Jimmy’s special cards should pop along to see him at a venue near them and add their name to his ever-growing birthday card list!

A very happy Denise Glyn-Hughes is one of those people in the book and she can be seen above waving the autograph and birthday card that Jimmy sent her marking her 18th birthday. The photo appeared on Denise’s Facebook page.

Latest Golden Wellie award winner is… 150 150 mhamer

Latest Golden Wellie award winner is…

Jimmy Cricket with Golden Wellie award winner Sarah the postwomanThe latest Golden Wellie award winner is Sarah the postwoman whose round include Jimmy Cricket’s cottage in Rochdale.

Ever since Sarah started to deliver to Jimmy’s house, the well-known comedian has been very impressed with her positive demeanour, cheerful personality and feel-good attitude.

He feels it certainly helps when she is out and about delivering to households and customers.

“She even makes bills more palatable!” joked Jimmy.

The Northern Irishman, who presented the award (above) outside his cottage, wanted to thank Sarah for being such a great advert for the postal service!

How Jimmy celebrated his birthday 150 150 mhamer

How Jimmy celebrated his birthday

Jimmy Cricket, with his birthday cake, Jim Nicholas and the local organising committee for the eventJimmy Cricket celebrated his latest birthday doing exactly what he likes the most – performing at a show for one of his favourite charities.

The famous entertainer took to the stage on Thursday 17 October, at a fundraiser for the Francis House Children’s Hospice at St Joseph’s Parish Centre in Little Hulton, Salford.

Seen above is Jimmy, with his birthday cake, alongside Jim Nicholas – the DJ who is ever present at his Francis House fundraisers and is in his Elvis costume – and surrounded by the local organising committee for this event.

Jimmy said: “I had a tremendous time and what better way to celebrate my birthday than doing the very thing I love the most – performing!”

Jimmy Cricket’s stolen wellies hit the headlines 150 150 mhamer

Jimmy Cricket’s stolen wellies hit the headlines

The Rochdale Observer reported the theft of the wellies given by Ken Dodd to Jimmy CricketThe theft of concrete wellington boots given to Rochdale-based Jimmy Cricket by fellow comedian Ken Dodd has certainly attracted the attention of the media.

The wellies were given by Ken Dodd to Jimmy Cricket

Ken gave the sculpture (right) as a 50th birthday present to 67-year-old Jimmy who said he was “gutted” about the theft from his garden on Monday night.

As well as featuring catchphrases like “come closer!” and “…and there’s more!” in his act, Northern Irishman Jimmy is also famous for wearing wellingtons marked with the letters R and L, but on the wrong feet, on stage.

The story of the theft of the wellies, which were given by Ken Dodd to Jimmy Cricket, featured on the front page of the Rochdale ObserverHe said the concrete wellies were of “high sentimental value”.

Greater Manchester Police said they were investigating the incident.

The BBC, ITV, the Rochdale Observer (see images with this story) and several radio stations were among the many media organisations to report on the crime.

Motorbike made out of balloons 150 150 mhamer

Motorbike made out of balloons

Jimmy with Fred and Connie alongside an amazing motorbike made especially for this celebration out of modelling balloons!

Jimmy Cricket with Fred and Connie Van Buren – and that amazing motorbike made of modelling balloons

A motorbike made out of modelling balloons was one of the highlights when comedian Jimmy Cricket helped to celebrate the 80th birthday of one of his friends.

Jimmy Cricket with Connie, Fred's wife

Jimmy Cricket with Connie, Fred’s wife

Magician Fred Van Buren’s party was held in the village of Silverdale in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.

Fred is now retired but his son, Andy, who has inherited the family penchant for magic, is following in his dad’s footsteps and is one of a few performers still skilled in the art of plate spinning.

Andy has been described as “one of the biggest names in British illusionists for many a decade”.

A multi-talented & skilled performer, he is one of the most experienced performers within the speciality act, shows & entertainment showbusiness today. He a gold star performing member of the Inner Magic Circle and a member of the prestigious showbusiness organisation, the Grand Order of Water Rats.

Fred and Connie get ready to cut the birthday cake

Fred cuts the cake

Jimmy has worked with Andy on many occasions – including in a pantomime at the Garrick Theatre in Lichfield – and the friendship has even involved Fred and Andy storing some of Jimmy’s props in their crammed warehouse which is full of tricks and props – including Jimmy’s gigantic Mexican hats!

This is because Jimmy tried to recreate for a stage show one of the sketches from his TV series called And There’s More on YouTube. This sketch involved large Mexican hats, but Jimmy did not have room for them, so  the Van Burens stepped in to help out and house them for him.

Jimmy says a big thank-you to magician Geoff Rushworth and Andrew Sherratt for supplying these superb photographs of a truly tremendous occasion!

Bike made out of balloons