• November 19, 2015

Womble team & Popstarz to join Jimmy in Rhyl

Womble team & Popstarz to join Jimmy in Rhyl

Womble team & Popstarz to join Jimmy in Rhyl 150 150 mhamer


The team behind Womble the movie, in which Jimmy Cricket played a cameo role, will take to the stage alongside the famous entertainer early next year.

The February 28 show, to be hosted at Rhyl’s Pavilion Theatre, will also feature the Popstarz Academy.

Womble is the biggest ever independent film shot in North Wales and members of the cast and crew will appear in a special segment during the show, which is part of the UK-wide Jimmy Cricket – Value for a Tenner tour.

This will not only showcase those who were involved in the film project, but it is also hoped some preview clips of the film itself will be screened.

Veteran comedian Jimmy plays a celebrity judge at a talent competition in the feature film, which is about a man living with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Under the direction of Stevie Jaxx and Paula Martine, the Popstarz Academy (pictured above) will provide several dance routines for the show.

Lee Howard from Womble said: “When I was approached by Jimmy’s company on whether we should get involved with the show, I thought this was a great opportunity to work with him again. This is because he did such a fabulous job as one of our featured actors for Womble and everyone enjoyed his day of filming.

‘A chance for us to be talked about in such exalted company’

“For our segment of the show, we hope to present a couple of the main players associated with the film and to show some footage as it has been an incredible movie project for the entire Womble team!”

Stevie Jaxx from Popstarz Academy said: “This is a really good performance opportunity for our young performers and a chance for us to be talked about in such exalted company.

“There is already a buzz going around the place and we are all eagerly anticipating our involvement in this show early next year.”

Jimmy, 70, said: “I am thrilled to welcome the team behind Womble the movie and the Popstarz Academy on to the show, as they are tremendous creative forces and both will be great additions.

“It also means a local involvement when I visit Rhyl in February – and I always encourage communities to support their local theatre and flag wave for its continued existence.”

Tickets for the show are priced at £10 for all adults and at £5.00 for U16s (as long as they are accompanied by an adult). To book a ticket visit the theatre’s website at  http://www.rhylpavilion.co.uk/ or ring the theatre’s booking Line on 01745 330000.

Jimmy Cricket during filming for Womble the Movie

Jimmy Cricket during filming for Womble the movie

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