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The summer of ’88… 150 150 mhamer

The summer of ’88…

Jimmy Cricket featured with the Krankies and Renato at the Royal Opera House in ScarboroughJimmy Cricket was taken back 26 years recently courtesy of a picture posted on Facebook.

Paul Burton published a flier (right) on the summer season of 1988 when famous entertainer Jimmy performed at the Royal Opera House in Scarborough.

The show also featured Scottish comedy duo The Krankies and the singer Renato (who sang the hit song Save Your Love with Renee).

Jimmy said: “I fondly remember the season and the huge success the show had; for several weeks over that summer, it played to packed houses over two performances a night for six days a week.

“It was so successful the producer Nick Thomas – who went on to found the Qdos Entertainment empire – extended the show’s season to accommodate the demand!

“The sad side to this story is the fact that the Opera House was a beautiful, traditional, Victorian auditorium located near to the centre of Scarborough town centre.

“Unfortunately it was deemed surplus to requirements a few years after my season and was demolished as a result.

“It has now been adopted as a case study when older traditional auditoriums are placed at risk within their town and communities.”

Social club is ‘the place to be!’ 150 150 mhamer

Social club is ‘the place to be!’

Jimmy Cricket is returning to St Kentigern’s Irish Club in south ManchesterJimmy Cricket is returning next month to an Irish club which bills itself as “the place to be!”

The well-known entertainer has performed several times previously at St Kentigern’s Irish Social Club in Fallowfield, south Manchester.

And he is back there on Friday 7 February, with all the proceeds from the show being donated to the nearby Cornerstone Day Centre.

Jimmy has done several charity events at St Kentigern’s for this very worthy cause and the day centre is run by a magnificent and dedicated nun called Sr Lucy. It specialises in providing a helping hand to the homeless and dispossessed.

He said: “I have the utmost respect for the commitment and compassion Sr Lucy has for this day centre, so much so that I find it difficult to decline any requests for help from Sr Lucy with her fundraising for the centre!

“So if you are in the area on the seventh of February, come along and enjoy some craic [Gaelic word meaning ‘fun’] while raising money for a great cause.”

Centre of attention in Birmingham 150 150 mhamer

Centre of attention in Birmingham

Jimmy Cricket performing at the Birmingham Irish CentreThis great photo of famous entertainer Jimmy Cricket was taken when he appeared at the Birmingham Irish Centre.

Photographer Chris Egan posted the picture – which was also published in a publication for the Irish community living in the UK called the Irish Post – on his Twitter feed.

Jimmy said: “Thanks To Chris for posting this photo online and for more information on his photography services check out his website [].

At the show last autumn, Northern Irish funnyman Jimmy appeared with the traditional Irish musical outfit Irish Mist, a four-piece traditional/folk band.

Like father like daughter… 150 150 mhamer

Like father like daughter…

Katie Mulgrew features in the Christmas edition of Rochdale magazine StyleJimmy Cricket’s comedienne daughter has appeared in the Christmas edition of the Rochdale-based and focused glossy magazine Style.

Katie Mulgrew was interviewed by Style writer Ruth Meredith for the feature.

The article says Katie has been hailed as one of the UK circuit’s “bright young things” and received some very positive reviews for her Edinburgh Fringe debut this summer.

Famous comedian Jimmy said: “This was a really nice article on Katie and it made me chuckle on a number of occasions when I read it!

“Hats off to Ruth Meredith who wrote the article and her dad Colin for producing another belting edition of the local Rochdale magazine Style.”

‘Small world, isn’t it!?’ 150 150 mhamer

‘Small world, isn’t it!?’

Jimmy Cricket with Paul Crowley and Mary Hussey at the Birmingham Irish CentreJimmy Cricket had a chance meeting with a friend of one of his Northern Irish relatives when he performed at the Birmingham Irish Centre.

The famous entertainer, who was in a show with the traditional Irish musical outfit Irish Mist, bumped into Shaun Preece, the general manager of the centre.

Jimmy said: “Shaun is a good friend of my second cousin who hails from Strabane – small world, isn’t it!?

“The concert was a superb blend of music and comedy, and I was really impressed with the musical prowess of Irish Mist, as they had a great accordion player, a superb penny whistle player and very competent fiddle and drummer.”

Irish Mist are a four-piece traditional/folk band featuring Mal Rogers on fiddle and Joe Giltrap on guitar, plus All-Ireland accordion and flute champion Eugene Teevan and long-time associate, Belfast-born bass/whistle/flute player Brian Aldwinckle.

Over the years they have appeared with all the top names from the Irish folk world, including The Dubliners, Christy Moore and De Dannan, with shows at the Royal Albert Hall, the Dominion and the Gaiety in Dublin.

* Jimmy is pictured with Paul Crowley and Mary Hussey who were members of the audience.

It’s Showtime in Tenerife! 150 150 mhamer

It’s Showtime in Tenerife!

Jimmy Cricket with the Showtime Tenerife teamFamous entertainer Jimmy Cricket met the Showtime team and caught up with some old neighbours when he performed recently on the Spanish island of Tenerife.

The Belfast-born and Rochdale-based comedian appeared at the Karting Las Americas club and then did a warm-up act a few days later for the Showtime Tenerife team. Chris Elkington, who was the promoter of Jimmy’s first show, is also the Showtime producer.

Jimmy said: “Chris is quite the entrepreneur on the island as he also runs an English radio station called Oasis FM and produces an English-speaking newspaper called Canarian Weekly.

“I really enjoyed the Showtime Tenerife show, which had a great array of talented singers and dancers who performed a number of songs from the shows.”

He added: “This was a great visit to the island for me, as, apart from the warm climate, I was well received when I appeared at the Showtime venue with the audience giving me a standing ovation!

“Thanks to the comedian Steve Salter for performing a great warm-up spot for me. [Steve also provided the photo above of Jimmy with the Showtime team].

“I was also thrilled to be able to catch up with some old neighbours of mine from Rochdale who were holidaying in Tenerife at the same time, and I invited Diane and David Ireland and their family to have some tea with me.

“All in all, a successful trip the Canary Islands!”

Laughter, music and £2,500 for charity 150 150 mhamer

Laughter, music and £2,500 for charity

Jimmy Cricket with fellow artists and some staff and volunteers from the British Heart Foundation Northern Ireland

The principal organiser of a charity show headlined by Jimmy Cricket could not watch the production after falling ill just days before it took place.

Jimmy Walker had booked the entertainer to be the lead act in the fund-raising event on 12 September at the Lodge Hotel, Coleraine in Northern Ireland.

The charity concert was in aid of the British Heart Foundation Northern Ireland (BHFNI).

Jimmy Cricket and Jimmy Walker

The two Jimmys

But organiser Jimmy, who lives in nearby Ballymoney, was taken ill the weekend before the show, but as the concert venue was only around the corner from the hospital, his famous namesake was able to pop over to see him personally.

Alongside Belfast-born and Rochdale-based comedian Jimmy in the production was Ulster country singer Curtis Magee and the performer Gary Wilson.

Gary was doubling up for this event as he is also the British Heart Foundation Northern Ireland’s fund-raising volunteer manager!

A total of £2,500 was raised for the charity from the show.

Top: Jimmy Cricket with fellow artists and some staff and volunteers from the British Heart Foundation Northern Ireland. Stood next to Jimmy is Jimmy Walker’s wife, Helen, who was also instrumental in organising the show.

Below, Jimmy is pictured with Curtis and below right, with Gary.

Jimmy Cricket with Curtis MageeJimmy Cricket with Gary Wilson