• October 3, 2022

Podcast series: More episodes of Fiffen and Faffen

Podcast series: More episodes of Fiffen and Faffen

Podcast series: More episodes of Fiffen and Faffen 150 150 mhamer

The second podcast based on Jimmy Cricket's variety comedy double act called Fiffen and Faffen is now available.Jimmy Cricket’s podcast series about comedy double act Fiffen and Faffen is now complete.

And all four episodes are available for you to watch here!

The series is about two men who gave up the world of showbusiness because of all the changes in the work place and in their lives.

They hope to rekindle their dream of going back on stage, to do what they know and love best of all, entertaining people.

Northern Irish comedian Jimmy has now released the final two podcasts online.

The third, published last week, is titled The Grass Is Always Greener.

And the final podcast in the series, Hoot And Toots, is available from today (3 October).

In it, Fiffen and Faffen try to adapt their live act, only to go their separate ways professionally!

The first podcast, published in April this year, was The Comeback Kids.

And the second, released in June, is called Don’t Let The Lockdown Get You Down!

Listen to all four podcasts here.

No more Fiffing and Faffing was staged for the first time in September 2018 at the Blackburn Empire Theatre.

Jimmy’s first play got a great reception from the audience on its debut.

Coronation Street

It also toured northern England in 2019 and early 2020.

Appearing with funnyman Jimmy was Jonathan Young from The Bachelors, and actor Colin Meredith.

Colin has had several notable appearances in ITV’s Coronation Street over the years.

Actress, singer and dancer Mandy Stableford joins the trio in the podcast series.

In the play, Joe Fiffen and Jerry Faffen are performing on their last night in showbusiness in an end of-of-pier show.

Set in the dressing room, (where they settle old scores) and on stage, it is a mixture of drama and variety.

Read more about Fiffen and Faffen on Jimmy’s website here.

Also read: An interview with Jimmy about his stage play (external link).

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