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If you are a Promoter or Manager interested in Jimmy & Jonathan & Colin performing this Play @your Theatre, then please ring May at the office on (01706) 353545 or                                                  (01706) 412552

              Jimmy’s show is as follows:

 “Calling all Theatre’s”, consisting of Sketches, Variety and Drama, it tells the story of the double act Joe Fiffen and Jerry Faffen who have been together for 36 years and who now are about to perform for the last time together in an end of Pier Show in Clusters-on-Sea, while settling old scores in the dressing room on the night!


Jimmy Cricket’s first comedy play, which got a great reception from the audience on its debut performance in 2018, is touring northern England in 2019.

No more Fiffing and Faffing was staged for the first time in September last year at the Blackburn Empire Theatre.

Appearing with funnyman Jimmy is Jonathan Young from The Bachelors, and actor Colin Meredith, who has had several notable appearances in ITV’s Coronation Street over the years.

The play was performed at The Met in Bury (23 February), and will be @Chorley Theatre (19 May), the Bridlington Spa (18 July) and the Gladstone Theatre (6th Oct).

No more Fiffing and Faffing was reviewed in the latest edition of the Rochdale-based Style magazine (see image below).

Jimmy tweeted: “My thanks to Ruth and Colin  for the review in the recently released Style Magazine, we will be bringing the Comedy Play to  23rd February,  19th May,  18th July, and at the Gladstone Theatre in the  in 2019!”

The show, co-written by Jimmy, is an hilarious look at the end of an era of British comedy.

It is about comedy double act Joe Fiffen and Jerry Faffen on their last night in showbusiness. As well as looking as some of their classic sketches, they’ll be settling some old scores in the dressing room.

Style Magazine


Jimmy was at The Met in Bury last February 2019


In the audience was Director and actress Noreen Kershaw who said, “It was a warm piece of Theatre and very funny, while giving us an insight into the two main characters working lives”.

Actress Sue Devaney also enjoyed the Comedy Play on the evening, she said, “What a great fun show with lots of Variety sketches while you follow the double act through their last show together. A great evenings entertainment!”. 

Mark Andrews entrepreneur of many Panto’s and Live Shows said, “It was a very funny nostalgia look into the world of a double acts working life, on and off the stage, and the end of pier show, which we can all relate too who are born off a certain age! I found it highly entertaining”.  

               The next production will be @Little Chorley Theatre 19th May 2019


                                 @Spa Theatre Bridlington 18th July 2019

                               @Gladstone Theatre Sunday 6th October



   Sunday 19th January 2020 Jimmy & Jonathan and Colin will perform             the Comedy Play @Stockport Plaza Theatre for Manager Ted Doan,

                                                                 (who is an actor himself)


Above is Jimmy with Ted Doan and Howard from The Shep’s Banjo Duo about to perform the, “Three Tenner Sketch”.

    The Play will also be performed @ Middlesbrough Theatre 

              on Thursday 23rd January 2020

 and @Palace Theatre Mansfield Thursday 20th February 2020


                      “Come ere, there’s more”

            Here are some photo’s taken of the production below!



 If you are a Theatre Manager and are interested, and would like to run with a Production of the Comedy Play, call May on 01706 353545/412552 








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