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If you are an Agent, Promoter or Manager interested in Jimmy performing @your Theatre or Venue, here is a selection of different show options we offer. If you are interested in discussing further any of these, then please ring May at the            office on (01706) 353545 or (01706) 412552



Jimmy’s 2018 dates in Blackpool

 2018  has Jimmy returning as a headline performer to the magnificent

Lyndene Hotel in Blackpool where he will begin his third year!

Lyndene Hotel


              Jimmy is returning to Blackpool’s Premier Venue

          on the 1st and 5th of December 2018 

         In association with Top Tower Entertainments!






Jimmy’s touring show is as follows:

Jimmy will be @Gladstone Theatre Sunday 14th April @2.30pm



           Also @Royal Bacup Theatre on 17th March 2019 



Tenner Show jpeg


Jimmy Cricket – “Great Value for a Tenner Show”

What an amazing triumph of a show!!….the audience of all ages loved every second with one of the undisputed Kings of Comedy, Mr Jimmy Cricket and his ‘Value For a Tenner Show’ in this hilarious ‘feel good’ show that was one of the highlights of our spring season.

Ted Doan – Manager of the Stockport Plaza Theatre (Sunday 28th January 2018)


Above is Jimmy with Ted Doan and Howard from The Shep’s Banjo Duo about to perform the, “Three Tenner Sketch”.

Already this year in 2018, “Jimmy Cricket’s Great Value for a Tenner Show”, has already visited

– Plaza Theatre, Stockport on Sunday 28th January

 Jimmy has long believed that as a family act it’s important to make it affordable for families to actually come to shows. 

So once a month (typically on a Sunday afternoon), Jimmy takes his ‘Great Value for a Tenner” show to a theatre. The show consists of Jimmy, his wife May Marion – who is a female vocalist – and a local dance school or choir (sometimes both).

If any dance schools or choirs are interested in performing on these shows, please ring May on (01706) 353545 or email:


Here is the Shep’s Banjo Duo (Howard and Steve), performing at the Plaza                                                             Stockport 2018


Here is the Debut Dance Academy with Jimmy at the Stockport Plaza 2018


Here is Jimmy live on stage at this magnificent art deco Theatre/Cinema


     Jimmy live on stage @ Oswaldtwistle Civic Centre on Saturday 27th              January 2018 in, “The Great Value for a Tenner Show”


                        Mrs Cricket was also on the show!

For more details contact:


                     “Come ere, there’s more”

            Comedy Play, “No More Fiffing and Faffing”


 “Calling all Theatre’s”, consisting of Sketches, Variety and Drama, it tells the story of the double act Joe Fiffen and Jerry Faffen who have been together for 36 years and who now are about to perform for the last time together in an end of Pier Show in Clusters-on-Sea, while settling old scores in the dressing room on the night!

 If you are a Theatre Manager and are interested, and would like to run with a Production of the Comedy Play, call May on 01706 353545/412552 


   Jimmy has returned from Northern Ireland,after touring with             fellow comedians,in the,”You Must be Joking Tour” February 2018!


       Here with his great friends, and fellow Comedians, John, Gene, William


Here below is the full team members of, “You Must Be Joking Tour” 2018, with the musicians, Ivan Black and Crawford Bell, and Rosemary Burns from @DavidHullPromo,and Mrs Cricket who supplied the buns and cakes!

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