• March 23, 2015

Jimmy to guest star in Womble feature film

Jimmy to guest star in Womble feature film

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Jimmy Cricket is appearing in Womble

Famous entertainer Jimmy Cricket is appearing as a  guest star in a feature film.

Womble, one of the biggest independent movies to be made in North Wales, is being shot over the summer and will be set for release in 2016.

It is about a man called Aloysius Rupert Womble (played by actor and comedian Tom Spencer) who is in his 30s and living with Asperger’s Syndrome in a typical seaside resort town.

Children and adults affected by Asperger’s Syndrome have difficulty with social interactions and exhibit a restricted range of interests and/or repetitive behaviours.

Aloysius’s dream is to become a stand-up comedian. The film is a week-long snapshot of his life as he goes through the trials of living with a cognitive disorder, while dealing with the injustices forced upon him by society and parts of his community.

Over the seven-day period he prepares for the biggest night of his life – a talent show in his local pub.

‘Charming and inspiring storyline’

The film’s director is Lee Howard and it will be produced by his production company  Best Pictures Productions. Lee wrote the screenplay and the original script for the film, along with local actors Gemma Lawman and Paul Penlington.

It will feature songs from the Beautiful South’s former lead singer Briana Corrigan and American Pie star Thomas Nicholas as well as a string of original songs written by songwriters especially for the movie.

Jimmy said: “I am excited about the prospect of featuring in the film. This is because it will be one of the few remaining bridges for me to cross within the world of entertainment.”

The well-known Northern Irish comedian has appeared on most platforms within stage and screen over an illustrious and celebrated career.

He added: “When I was approached by Lee at Best Pictures and he told me about the subject of the film, it sounded an interesting project to get involved with.

“The storyline is charming and yet inspiring as this central character pulls through, even in the face of some difficult daily challenges.”

For more information on the film, go to www.womblemovie.com

Jimmy Cricket is appearing in Womble


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