• August 22, 2021

Global warming & Fox’s Glacier Mints – more Jimmy jokes

Global warming & Fox’s Glacier Mints – more Jimmy jokes

Global warming & Fox’s Glacier Mints – more Jimmy jokes 150 150 mhamer

Funnyman Jimmy Cricket tells regular jokes onlineGlobal warming is one of the subjects tackled humorously by comic Jimmy Cricket in his latest series of one-liners.

The ever-green entertainer regularly posts jokes on social media to amuse all his fans and friends.

Here is another selection of Jimmy’s latest gags.

Wow! A slice of Charles’ and Diana’s wedding cake sold for £1,850. That’s amazing… I wonder do you get a cup of tea with it?

I’m thinking of entering my Uncle Patrick in the next Olympic Games in Paris… Whenever he bangs his thumb, there’s nobody throws a hammer further than he does.

That was amazing to see 13-year-old Sky Brown win a medal at the Tokyo Olympics… Next thing you know they’ll be having a baby event to see who can throw their nappy the farthest!

When I found out we had more opticians in the UK than anywhere else in Europe, it was a real eye opener.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has just headed off in a rocket into outer space… It’s a long way to go to deliver a package!

I’ve just seen a very unusual football match in the park. Wait for this, two teams of traffic wardens… It was all square after extra time so it went to fixed penalties.

Our postman fell today… he took a bit of a knock.

Ever since they closed the salt factory we’ve all been feeling the pinch.

I still think Humpty Dumpty was a good stand-up comedian even though he was a bit off the wall.

I’ve just sent off for a new hearing aid and now I’m waiting to hear back.

This global warming is getting serious… I’ve just bought a packet of Fox’s Glacier Mints in the shop and when I got them home, they were melted!

See more of funnyman Jimmy’s jokes and keep up to date with everything he’s doing at https://twitter.com/jimmy__cricket

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