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Irish comic set for hectic St Patrick’s Day period 150 150 mhamer

Irish comic set for hectic St Patrick’s Day period

Visit to new restaurant is great ‘Tweet’! 150 150 mhamer

Visit to new restaurant is great ‘Tweet’!


Jimmy Cricket and wife May with Stu Francis

Jimmy and his wife May with Stu Francis at the opening of the EastzEast restaurant

Jimmy Cricket posted a recommendation on Twitter after attending the launch of a new Indian restaurant.

The famous entertainer was invited to EastzEast in Whitefield, Greater Manchester, by his good friend, the entertainment promoter Micky Martin (pictured with Jimmy below).

Jimmy Cricket with Micky Martin and a member of the restaurant staff

Also at the opening was fellow comedian Stu Francis, another of Jimmy’s friends.

Jimmy said: “I was highly impressed with EastzEast. I loved the friendly staff and was very impressed with the food on offer.

“In fact, I enjoyed the experience so much that I took to the social media network the next morning and posted a recommendation on Twitter!”

*  A big thanks to Bill Cowpland (pictured with Jimmy below) for the above photographs

Jimmy Cricket with Bill Cowpland

The summer of ’88… 150 150 mhamer

The summer of ’88…

Jimmy Cricket featured with the Krankies and Renato at the Royal Opera House in ScarboroughJimmy Cricket was taken back 26 years recently courtesy of a picture posted on Facebook.

Paul Burton published a flier (right) on the summer season of 1988 when famous entertainer Jimmy performed at the Royal Opera House in Scarborough.

The show also featured Scottish comedy duo The Krankies and the singer Renato (who sang the hit song Save Your Love with Renee).

Jimmy said: “I fondly remember the season and the huge success the show had; for several weeks over that summer, it played to packed houses over two performances a night for six days a week.

“It was so successful the producer Nick Thomas – who went on to found the Qdos Entertainment empire – extended the show’s season to accommodate the demand!

“The sad side to this story is the fact that the Opera House was a beautiful, traditional, Victorian auditorium located near to the centre of Scarborough town centre.

“Unfortunately it was deemed surplus to requirements a few years after my season and was demolished as a result.

“It has now been adopted as a case study when older traditional auditoriums are placed at risk within their town and communities.”

Jimmy impersonator won Butlin’s award 150 150 mhamer

Jimmy impersonator won Butlin’s award

Philip Lewis is on the right of the talent show line-up

Philip Lewis is on the right of the talent show line-up

Pictures of a young Jimmy Cricket impersonator from the 1980s have been sent to the well-known Northern Irish entertainer.

They were posted to Jimmy at his home in Rochdale just before Christmas and were taken back in 1987 during a Butlin’s holiday talent show hosted at the Grand Hotel in Scarborough.

Philip won an award for his Jimmy Cricket impersonation

Philip won an award for his impersonation

The focus of the photos are a young man named Philip Lewis who, as a 10-year-old, entered the competition complete with hat and wellies!

It was at a time when Jimmy had several television series on ITV and Philip was dressed up in attire for which Jimmy had become famous.

And Philip did such a great job of impersonating Jimmy that he won an award for it!

Jimmy said: “It was a nice surprise when I opened the letter containing these pictures and a bit of nostalgia crept in as well.”