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I’ll never forget the day I got the job selling Kleenex tissues… 150 150 mhamer

I’ll never forget the day I got the job selling Kleenex tissues…

What did the boss tell Jimmy Cricket the day he got a job selling Kleenex tissues… ?

Read below to get the answer to this gag – and there are plenty more one-liners here for you to enjoy.

Ever-green comic Jimmy Cricket keeps all his fans and followers laughing with a regular joke posted on Twitter.

Funnyman Jimmy Cricket tells regular jokes online

And below are some more his latest quips for you to enjoy.

I was in a restaurant last night and the waitress gave me the wrong meal. It was meant for a GP on the next table. Afterwards, she said “Did you enjoy it?” I said: “Oh yes, it was just what the doctor ordered!”

I was in this pub and a fella came up holding a tabloid newspaper over his head and swearing. He called me every name under the sun!

I’d only been in this restaurant a few minutes when a prawn cocktail hit me on the back of the head. When I turned round there was a big, tough-looking fella there. He said: “That’s just for starters!”

Things are tough in showbiz these days and you have to grasp every opportunity… I rang up directory enquiries and the voice said: “Your call may be recorded.” So I sang two songs and now I’m waiting for the CD!

You know the way if some people have coffee they can’t sleep. I’m the exact opposite… if I’m asleep I can’t have coffee.

I’ll never forget the day I got the job selling Kleenex tissues… the boss said I would go far if I kept my nose clean.

Energy bills are soaring, but I’ve got a great way to cut down on electricity… I only plug the electric clock in when I want to know the time.

I knew a man who lost an ear and the hospital transplanted on a pig’s ear. After the operation they let him listen to the radio on his earphones. He said: “Doctor, in that new ear there’s a bit of crackling!”

And there’s more…

I’ve just been to a restaurant that had a very rude waiter… I asked for a leg of mutton and he gave me the cold shoulder.

I’ve just been to see that new movie about a hurricane… it blew me away.

If it had have been three wise women that first Christmas – they would have arrived five minutes early, made sure the gifts were double wrapped, helped deliver the baby, cleaned out the stable, cooked a casserole and there would be peace on earth.

I’ve just been to Specsavers… what an experience. It was a real eye opener.

When you and your partner have the same taste in shoes, then you know you’re soul mates.

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