• June 22, 2011

Great fundraising day in West Yorkshire

Great fundraising day in West Yorkshire

Great fundraising day in West Yorkshire 150 150 mhamer

Jimmy Cricket at the Overgate Hospice's annual summer garden party. Picture courtesy of Neil Hurst

Jimmy Cricket was at the Overgate Hospice  in Elland near Halifax, West Yorkshire, on Sunday (June 22) for their annual summer garden party.

Here is one of the photographs from what was a great fundraising day. You can see the rest on the photo gallery which is on the right of every page on my website.

The weather was kind as it stayed dry which always helps at a summer garden party!

Jimmy is grateful to fabulous singer and friend Neil Hurst. Praise also goes to Janet and Caroline who are tip-top fundraisers.

It was also great to see Mayor Naden of Calderdale, his Kilkenny-born wife and their two handsome sons.

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  • Marica June 30, 2011 at 6:36 pm

    Hi Jimmy.
    Neil’s mum here. Thank you so much for coming to Overgate to open our garden party. You gave a lot of pleasure to a lot of people. I work at Overgate and know first-hand how important these fundraising events are to charities such as ours. Your presence was a terrific boost for us, and we raised a good healthy sum on the day…. all with you help. Thanks again for giving up your time to support us here in Elland. Marica Binns (Counselling Co-Ordinator, Overgate Hospice – a.k.a. Neil Hurst’s mum!)

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