• June 25, 2014

Going local for new publicity photos

Going local for new publicity photos

Going local for new publicity photos 150 150 mhamer

Jimmy Cricket’s Madcap Music Hall show

Rochdale-based comedian Jimmy Cricket, who has one of the town’s most recognisable faces, shopped local for his latest batch of publicity shots.

Jimmy is currently devising a new touring show for 2015 and a pilot version of the idea was launched several weeks ago at a theatre in Blackburn.

The show is entitled Jimmy Cricket’s Madcap Music Hall show and has his trademark antics all over it.

To assist with the future promotion of the show, Jimmy needed to get some publicity shots done.

And the Belfast-born entertainer went to photography business Norden Design, which is owned by Graham Sivills.

When approached about a photo shoot, Graham did not think twice about getting involved. Jimmy then gathered a few  friends together, including his son Dale, who works at his office, to dress up as mock cast members so the photo would appear action-filled.

Jimmy said: “When I thought I needed some new photos, I could not think of a better man than Graham at Norden Design.

“I have known Graham for a number of years and it was good to support a local business which offers everything a national studio chain does.

“The outfit at Norden Design studio is really professional – plus Graham has this great ability to take some marvellous photographs, while at the same time having some light -hearted banter and putting everyone at ease.

“I am really pleased with the images, which I’ll now use as part of the artwork and promotional material for this show for next year.”

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