• June 12, 2019

Father’s Day: Why not buy my DVD as a gift?!

Father’s Day: Why not buy my DVD as a gift?!

Father’s Day: Why not buy my DVD as a gift?! 150 150 mhamer

Jimmy Cricket’s first live DVD, which has sold around 8,000 copies, can be bought as a present for Father’s Day (Sunday 16 June).

Jimmy Cricket Live - Pull Your Seats Forward

And Jimmy will write a personal dedication to make it an even extra special gift!

Jimmy Cricket Live – Pull Your Seats Forward was created by the famous comedian’s family company, Wellie Boot Productions, in 2010.

Belfast-born Jimmy produced the DVD in response to the overwhelming public clamour that suggested there was a real demand for a recording of his stand-up entertainment.

It was filmed at the Royal Court Theatre in Bacup, Lancashire, near Jimmy’s adopted home of Rochdale in Greater Manchester.

The DVD is an hour and 10 minutes long and includes Jimmy’s favourite routines, a phone call and letter from his mammy, his famous Leaving Home poem, his sentimental ballad called I’m Dreaming of a Far off Land and 20 minutes of extras.

It can only be bought via the Go Shopping page on this website or at one of Jimmy’s live shows.

Jimmy tweeted: “Hi Folks, Next Sunday being “Father’s Day”, why not buy pop my DVD “Pull your seats forward”. They cost £12 including postage, and you can buy them via pay pal on my website. The whole family can enjoy it, and if you let me know his name I can write a personal dedication.”

Above is an edited version of a trailer of Jimmy Cricket live at the Royal Court Theatre in Bacup. Journalist and Cricket Times editor Martin Hamer asks Jimmy all about the show in an interview which includes exclusive excerpts from the DVD. The full longer version of the interview can be viewed below.

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