• January 3, 2021

Come closer folks – more jokes from Jimmy

Come closer folks – more jokes from Jimmy

Come closer folks – more jokes from Jimmy 150 150 mhamer

Jimmy Cricket has continued to keep our spirits up during the ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

In the run-in to Christmas and over the festive period, Jimmy used social media to keep those topical jokes coming!

Here are some of his funny one-liners:

When the lockdown kicked in, I started walking two miles every day. Yesterday I arrived in Aberdeen.

I’ve just attended a lockdown marriage on Zoom…..The wedding cake had four tiers!

Jimmy Cricket is just 10 away from completing a century of his special daily video messages.

It’s a shame you’re only allowed one bubble for each household. I was looking forward to having a bath on Christmas Day.

We had a very safe Christmas dinner this year. Even the turkey wore a mask.

One thing about this virus, it helps you re-evaluate your priorities. For instance we don’t have to keep up with the Jones’s, cause the Jones’s are in lockdown like the rest of us.

It’s hard to get away from this virus – I used to wake up to the birds singing… now I hear them sneezing!

Things are so quiet at airports these days that the security people are searching each other.

The only thing bothers me about comedy drive-in shows is that if you get a tough heckler he might just keep bumping his horn.

Century mark

With the help of Mrs Cricket, Jimmy produced 100 daily video messages during the coronavirus restrictions last spring and summer.

The famous Northern Irish comedian hit the century mark in July.

He had been sending all his fans and friends togetherness posts each day as the world continued to fight coronavirus.

The UK government first announced on 23 March last year it was imposing strict new curbs on life in the UK.

Jimmy had been posting the videos on social media with the message: “We can do this together!”

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Coronavirus pandemic: We can do this together!

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  • Dave Rankin April 23, 2021 at 8:46 pm

    Hi Jim, it’s been a good few years since we last made communication, I was listening to your Bee In His Bonnet CD the other night and your timeless gags still make me chuckle even now. I suppose it’s been a real struggle for you not being able to perform and just having to come up with one liners to put on twitter, there’s nothing like laughter as a reaction in a live environment and you can’t get that on twitter. On a personal aspect I’m living with a woman called Maria who’s been married before and we’ve been together now for six years, plus the fact we both work together in the same job so everything’s going great, I also became a grandad back on March 2019 when Caitlin (who lives in Devon now with her partner Peter) gave birth to Simon Lee and I’ve only seen him 3 times but I get regular photos and he’s growing up so fast, I’m hoping to see them later this year all being well. On a brief sad note my dad passed away last July from liver disease and Xmas was tough for my mum but she came through it and she can’t wait to see her great grandson when they eventually visit. My dad before he died actually saw phone footage of Simon taking his very first steps. Anyway Jim I’ll leave it there for now and hope you get back to doing what tou do best-cheering everyone up with your classic joke telling.PS do you ever hear off JJ at all??? It’s been over a decade since I last seen/spoken to him.

    • dale May 11, 2021 at 11:51 am

      Hi Dave
      good to hear from you. it has been a difficult year for us all during the pandemic. Congratulations on becoming a Grandad and its lovely you have found Maria, sorry to hear about your Dad passing.

      Take care Dave and I hope to see you on the road soon!

      Jimmy x

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