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Which promenade hotel in Blackpool is a ‘great survivor’?

Which promenade hotel in Blackpool is a ‘great survivor’?

Which promenade hotel in Blackpool is a ‘great survivor’? 150 150 mhamer

Lyndene Hotel in Blackpool

It’s a promenade hotel in Blackpool which has survived a pandemic, temporary closure and two changes of ownership during recent years.

The Lyndene, situated at the heart of the famous Lancashire seaside resort, has undoubtedly had more than its fair share of uncertainty in the past.

And yet the popular venue continues to flourish, with its nightly entertainment a major part of its success.

Loveable comedian Jimmy Cricket has been a reglar performer at the hotel – and he is already looking forward to doing his NINTH season there.

Jimmy says: “I’m excited about going back to the Lyndene hotel in Blackpool in 2024.

“The Lyndene hotel is a great survivor.

“It went through the pandemic when many hotels closed their doors, never to reopen, and two changes of ownership.

“I suppose the one constant has been the manager Paul and his wife Claire, who have weathered all the storms, keeping in touch with the customers and welcoming them back when things got back to normal.”

Dispensing cornets and 99s

The Northern Irish funnyman recalls: “I remember nine years ago when the original owner Barry Young first booked me.

“Barry was a down-to-earth Brummie who, when he arrived in Blackpool, bought a small bed and breakfast guest house.

“And while his wife Carol looked after it, he drove an ice cream van around Blackpool dispensing cornets and 99s to all the families.

“The guest house became so popular with holiday makers that Barry and Carol  bought the Lyndene on the seafront and transformed it into a 140-bedroom hotel.

“The location is a vital attribute, because the Lyndene is within close proximity to the Blackpool attractions, especially the Pleasure Beach.”

He continues: “The first night I played the Lyndene hotel was a real eye opener.

“As well as me, there were another three acts plus a compere.

“There are two performing venues – the Somerset Lounge and the Cabaret bar – and all the acts rotate between the two rooms.

“In between, there are a couple of games of bingo and even before the shows there’s an organist in each room playing preshow music… is that value or what?

“From a personal point of view, I find the intimate atmosphere at the Lyndene ideal for comedy.

“It’s up close and personal. It also means that after each show I can do a meet and greet, shake hands and have selfies with the audience.

You can’t miss it

“I can also sell my autobiography, Memoirs of an Irish Comedian, for a bargain basement price of £10.” (See below for more details of the book and the charity that benefits from the sales.)

Jimmy adds: “If you drive down the Golden Mile in Blackpool on a cold January night, the lights will be out on all the hotels except one.

“You can’t miss it – it’s the big blue one with all lights fully on and a big sign that says LYNDENE HOTEL.”

The hotel’s website says: “Located on Blackpool’s glorious seafront, the Lyndene Hotel is the No 1 choice for hotels with entertainment in Britain’s favourite holiday destination.

“With sweeping views across the Irish Sea with incomparable sunsets and people-watching, the Lyndene Hotel has all the amenities to make your stay perfect.

“Our entertainment keeps our guests returning to us again and again.

“Widely known as Blackpool’s No 1 entertainment hotel, we offer THREE superb cabaret acts each evening, every evening, all year around.”

Jimmy’s first appearance back at the Lyndene is on Wednesday 6 March.

His other three shows there this year are:

  • Wednesday 5 June
  • Wednesday 4 September
  • Wednesday 4 December.
Jimmy Cricket ‘so sad’ over closure of Blackpool hotels

Buy Jimmy’s autobiography!Jimmy Cricket with his autobiography

As Jimmy mentions above, his official autobiography is on sale.

Memoirs Of An Irish Comedian tells the heart-warming story of Jimmy’s illustrious life and 50-year career.

The paperback costs £11.99 and can be bought at online retailer Amazon here. It is also available via eBook and audio.

Signed copies (£15.99 including postage and packing) can be purchased on this website here.

It is also available at Jimmy’s live gigs for £10 where Jimmy will also sign it.

One pound from the sale of every book goes to Mary’s Meals.

The charity supports feeding projects in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Also read: Jimmy Cricket’s signed autobiographies now available by post!

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