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100 lockdown videos – ‘coming into the home straight!’ 150 150 mhamer

100 lockdown videos – ‘coming into the home straight!’

Jimmy Cricket is just 10 away from completing a century of his special daily video messages.Jimmy Cricket is just 10 away from completing a century of his special daily video messages.

The famous Northern Irish comedian has been sending all his fans and friends togetherness posts as the world fights coronavirus.

The UK government announced on 23 March it was imposing strict new curbs on life in the UK.

However, the restrictions for the Covid-19 lockdown are starting to be relaxed nation-wide.

Jimmy has been posting the videos on social media with the message: “We can do this together!”

He created the first daily message the day before the lockdown and has attempted to give them topical themes.

Jimmy told a few jokes in the clip and urged people to help each other in these tough times.

He said: “Once we get though this, at the end of the tunnel, we’ll all have a great big huddle together.”

Jimmy Cricket's self-isolating message just before the start of the lockdown. He now sends daily video messages

Jimmy has decided to halt the videos at 100 – he posted number 90 on Sunday (28 June).

He tweeted: “We’ve Been Doing This Together. Message 90. Coming into the home straight! Hundred points symbol jokes folks! #StayAlertRainbow

Watch post 90 here.

In May, Jimmy wrote this message to all his fans, friends and followers.

In it, he said: “It was my youngest daughter Katie who suggested I do a joke each day on social media not long after the lockdown had kicked in.

“Before we knew it, we’d got to day 54 when one of our Facebookers suggested I go for the 100 jokes.

“His name was Paul Ritchie and I bought into his idea right away.

“After all, I can’t go on indefinitely

“When I say daily jokes, they come in various forms. It could be a couple of quick one-liners or a longer joke with a punchline.

‘Phenomenal job’

“In some cases it could be a poem. The trick is to keep it short. After all, there’s no live audience so it’s a silent feedback.

“I put on my character costume of tail coat, hat and wellingtons and do them in weekly batches of seven and just drop them in each day one at a time.

“Mrs Cricket’s the one behind the camera and she does a phenomenal job.

“I’m constantly astounded how good the quality is on her iPhone.

“I try to make them relevant to what’s happening in the news.

“I’m thrilled by the emails and texts I get from people telling me how much I cheer them up.

“Look forward to welcoming as many people as possible on my journey of lockdown levity.”

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Watch video of Jimmy’s lockdown lament

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! 150 150 mhamer

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Jimmy Cricket has wished all his fans and friends a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

The popular Northern Irish entertainer took to his social media channels, Twitter and Facebook, to send the season’s greetings.

Along with the message, he posted his 2019 Christmas card (above), which was based on the way Westminster MPs have behaved over Brexit.

It shows Jimmy, 74, telling her majesty the Queen that all members of parliament are on the naughty list.

Tradition has it that Father Christmas (also known as Santa Claus) has two lists: the naughty list and the nice list.

He checks over his list twice. If you are nice you get presents. If you are naughty you get a lump of coal in your stocking.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson reportedly apologised to the Queen after the Supreme Court ruled his decision to prorogue (suspend) Parliament earlier this year was unlawful.

British MPs of all parties have come under intense scrutiny – and been the subject of much criticism – following their failure to agree a Brexit deal.

In a 2016 UK referendum, a slim majority voted for the country to leave the European Union.

Iconic images

Northern Irish comedian Jimmy has traditionally created his own customised Christmas card over the years.

It is based on a photograph that has represented in some way an event from the previous 12 months.

In 2012 he picked a picture of Usain Bolt and Mo Farah, which was one of the iconic images from the London Olympics.

The followed year, it was a photo associated with the theft of his concrete wellies, which was widely covered in the media.Jimmy Cricket's Christmas card features the Only Fools and Horses’ sketch staring regular cast members David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst, plus special Comic Relief guest David Beckham

And his 2014 card (pictured right) featured a sketch which took place during that year’s Comic Relief event.

The card recalled the Only Fools and Horses charity scene starring regular cast members David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst.

In addition, it featured former England and Manchester United footballer David Beckham.

Famous entertainer Jimmy was included on the card as if part of the get-together and referenced his famous Mammy!