• November 17, 2016

Ken Dodd, Christmas CD and those stolen wellies

Ken Dodd, Christmas CD and those stolen wellies

Ken Dodd, Christmas CD and those stolen wellies 150 150 mhamer

Jimmy Cricket's column in the Lancashire Evening Post

Jimmy Cricket has been talking about his long-time friend and comedy legend Ken Dodd – and the concrete wellington boots stolen from his back garden four years ago.

Ken had given the wellies to Rochdale-based entertainer Jimmy as a 50th birthday present, but they vanished overnight and have not been seen since.

As well as featuring catchphrases like “come closer!” and “…and there’s more!” in his act, Northern Irishman Jimmy is also famous for wearing wellingtons marked with the letters R and L, but on the wrong feet, on stage.

In his latest column for the Lancashire Evening Post, Jimmy recalls the moment he reported the theft.

“The lady at the police station desk could hardly keep a straight face as she wrote down my description of the stolen items – a pair of grey concrete wellington boots with the inscription: ‘To Jimmy from Ken, lots of happiness.'”

Jimmy, 71, says that even though he got a replacement pair of wellies off eBay – again signed by Ken – he would still like the originals back – as illustrated in the title of his new new charity Christmas CD, Santa bring my wellies back to me.

Of his friendship with Ken, Jimmy says: “Even today Ken is enthralling audiences with his five and six-hour marathon shows.

“There’ll never be another and I’m proud to call him my friend.”

* Jimmy’s charity Christmas CD  is available to buy from this website through a PayPal facility or in person directly from the Francis House Children’s Hospice.

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