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Suarez song goes global 150 150 mhamer

Suarez song goes global

I was bit by Luis Suarez is a song by Jimmy Cricket

Jimmy Cricket’s new song, I was bit by Luis Suarez, has gone worldwide since its release over all digital outlets a week ago.

In addition to being available at  iTunes, Amazon and Tesco, it has even been spotted on a Taiwanese online music store!

Jimmy Cricket's I was bit by Luis Suarez

And media coverage of the song,  which is based on the Uruguay and former Liverpool striker who was banned for four months for biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup in Brazil this summer, has been far and wide too.

As well as being featured in the Daily Mirror and in its sister publication, the Irish Mirror, Jimmy’s tune has made it to Africa and to the United States of America.

For anyone interested in an actual CD copy of the song, it can be purchased for £2.50 by ringing the record label Rolling Tear who are the distributors. They can be contacted on 07931 528435.

And there’s more – the B side for the single is a karaoke singalong version of the song!

Jimmy said he was thrilled about the response so far, adding: “I have just been blown away with the interest that has been generated by this comedy song.

“I thought it was such a huge topic during this year’s Brazil World Cup that I just had to have a go at writing a funny take on the story. I am thrilled it has created a bit of a stir and the global attention is something I did not really expect at all!”

To watch the video of the song, visit Jimmy’s video channel at YouTube here.

And you can pre-order  I was bit by Luis Suarez at iTunes.

For all the latest updates on the song from Jimmy, go to his Twitter page.

I was bit by Luis Suarez – see video trailer 150 150 mhamer

I was bit by Luis Suarez – see video trailer

The Spenborough Guardian front page previewing the article on Jimmy Cricket

The most controversial incident at this summer’s 2014 World Cup in Brazil is the subject of Jimmy Cricket’s latest comedy song.

I was bit by Luis Suarez is based on the Uruguayan and former Liverpool striker who was banned for four months for biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during the group match between the two national sides in June.

Jimmy Cricket's song is about Uruguay footballer Luis Suarez

Jimmy’s song is about Uruguay footballer Luis Suarez

Northern Irish entertainer Jimmy said: “It inspired me to write one of my unique and colourful comedy songs about Luis Suarez and his habit of using this unusual tactic on the field of play.”

The idea of the song was picked up by a specialist comedy record label that has just been created called Rolling Tear. The company is based near Dewsbury in West Yorkshire.

Rolling Tear arranged for Jimmy’s track to be recorded and also organised for an accompanying music video to be filmed.

During the filming, which took place at the Hartshead Social Club in Liversedge, Kirklees, the local newspaper sent a photographer to gatecrash the video shoot.

The Spenborough Guardian then featured Jimmy’s filming day in one of their editions.

The article on Jimmy Cricket's song about Luis Suarez appeared in the Spenborough GuardianThe article, published earlier this month, said: “The video follows the comic who, back from a holiday in Uruguay, regales Rob the landlord with a tale of how he got on the wrong-side of the hot-headed Barcelona star [Suarez joined Barcelona from Liverpool this summer].

“The comic said: ‘It is a tale of espionage in South America!

“‘I have a friend who runs Loom Studio in Birstall, Leeds– they were telling me they wanted me to do a comedy song.

“‘I had been watching the biting incident at the World Cup, so I decided to make one about that.’

“The song’s chorus goes: ‘I was bit by Luis Suarez/And it wasn’t just a peck/When I was bit by Luis Suarez/I got it in the neck.’

“The video features terrace-style chanting and some pub regulars waving maracas.”

The song with video is officially released on Tuesday 26 August and will be available from all major digital outlets.

For a sneak preview, visit Jimmy’s video channel at YouTube here.

And you can pre-order the song at iTunes here.

For all the latest updates on the song from Jimmy, go to his Twitter page.

Thanks to photographer Jake O for the photos which appeared in the Spenborough Guardian.