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Song about the day I helped rescue Molly Malone! 150 150 mhamer

Song about the day I helped rescue Molly Malone!

The legendary Molly Malone was the subject of one of Jimmy Cricket's latest social media videos.

The legendary Molly Malone is the subject of one of Jimmy Cricket’s latest social media videos.
Jimmy performed a song for the camera and then posted it all his fans and followers.

He said: “Here is my comedy song about the day I helped to rescue Molly Malone! #Staysafe Rainbow

Famous Northern Irish funnyman Jimmy said he wanted “to bring a little bit of weekend cheer folks!”.

He tells how he fixed the wheels on Molly’s wheelbarrow.

Listen to Jimmy’s song here.

Molly is the focus of a popular Irish folk song.
‘Love it, very catchy
There is also a bronze statue of her in Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland.
The website IB4UD (Ireland Before You Die), says: “The famous Irish folk song ‘Cockles and Mussels,’ also known as ‘Molly Malone, from which she became famous, tells her tragic tale.
“According to legend, Molly Malone lived in 17th-century Dublin and was a woman renowned for her naturally stunning beauty.
“A beauty that is rumoured to have been the cause of her death.”
The reaction on social media to Jimmy’s song included: “Love it, very catchy Smiling face with open mouth Smiling face with 3 hearts.”