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Hello again to Hunstanton! 150 150 mhamer

Hello again to Hunstanton!

Jimmy Cricket is back next month at the venue where he spent the majority of the 2013 summer season.

The famous comedian returns to the Princess Theatre in the seaside resort of Hunstanton in Norfolk on Sunday 3 August.

A photo (below right) was posted on Twitter by the owners of Café Blah Blahh in Hunstanton to coincide with a  promotional push to publicise the show.

Owners of Café Blah Blahh posted a photo publicising Jimmy Cricket's return to Hunstanton

Jimmy was in the West Norfolk resort for most of last summer, as he starred in the Great British Seaside Summer show.

During his time in Hunstanton, Jimmy had a fantastic stay and earned the affection of the local community.

This included him touching base with a number of local businesses, including the Wash Monster boat ride operator; Hunstanton’s sealife centre; the Marine Hotel (where he stayed for the duration of the season) and Café Blah Blahh to name only a few.

Jimmy said: “I can’t wait to return to the Princess Theatre in this idyllic resort and hope to bump into a few familiar faces when I land there again in August.”

On board the Wash Monster 150 150 mhamer

On board the Wash Monster

Jimmy Cricket at the bow of the Wash Monster with all the children who had gone on the same voyage

Jimmy Cricket at the bow of the Wash Monster with all the children who had gone on the same voyage

Famous entertainer Jimmy Cricket was invited to take a sailing trip on the legendary Wash Monster during his summer season in the Norfolk resort of Hunstanton.

The Wash Monster is an amphibious vessel used for sea trips around the wash off the town’s coastline.

These journeys are operated by local businessmen William Searle and his company Searles Sea Tours.

The vessel was built by the US armed forces for their campaign in Vietnam in the 1970s and was bought by William Searle because it is ideal for the coastal terrain along the Hunstanton coastline.

When the tide is out, there are whole swathes of beach to be negotiated before a boat can get afloat, so such a vessel that is comfortable on land and sea is ideal to use as a cruise liner at this seaside resort.

Jimmy was invited to join the Wash Monster on one of its voyages while he was in the resort for his summer season.

He said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. A big thanks to William himself for arranging this trip for me and the family – and for continuing to plug my show throughout the voyage!”

Jimmy was in Hunstanton for the Great British Seaside Special at the Princess Theatre for a month from early August.