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Jimmy: Daughter’s CD is a ‘really nice listen’ 150 150 mhamer

Jimmy: Daughter’s CD is a ‘really nice listen’

Jimmy Cricket's daughter Jamie features on the cover of the CD called PilgrimJamie Mulgrew, one of Jimmy Cricket’s daughters, has written and recorded a new CD of Christian music.

She has recently been working with music producer Gerry Coates to create the collection called Pilgrim, which is available to buy here.

Jamie is also an assistant head teacher of a special needs school in Putney, south London.

Jimmy said: “She has always been a very talented singer. When she was at secondary school, she played the lead role of Maria in the school’s version of the musical the Sound of Music.

“I am thrilled that Jamie has released this CD and, after listening to it, think it has great production values and is a really nice listen.”

Maloney’s Big Moment 150 150 mhamer

Maloney’s Big Moment

Cast in Maloney's Big Moment: Colin Meredith, Cyril Walker, Katie Mulgrew (Jimmy’s daughter who is a stand-up comedian), Russell Richardson, Mark Whiteley, Steve Garner, Sarah Groarke-Booth and Jimmy CricketA newspaper story about a Spanish coastal town electing an English ex-pat as its mayor inspired top entertainer Jimmy Cricket to write a new radio play.

And Maloney’s Big Moment got its first public showing in front of a live audience at St Vincent’s Parish Centre in Rochdale.

Famous comedian Jimmy wrote the play after seeing the article and thinking it was a really fascinating scenario, especially as the elected candidate did not have a particular good grasp of Spanish!Radio producer Roger Neale

Joining Jimmy for the recording in early April was a host of locally based actors and actresses.

These included Colin Meredith, Cyril Walker, Katie Mulgrew (Jimmy’s daughter who is a stand-up comedian), Russell Richardson, Mark Whiteley, Steve Garner and Sarah Groarke-Booth (all the cast are in the photo above), alongside the production team of Gerry Coates and Roger Neale.

Roger Neale (right) came all the way from Mansfield to help out with the production of the play.

Gerry Coates, from the internet Catholic radio station called Heart Gives unto Heart, and Jimmy between them made the production happen.

Interestingly, the new radio station has been acquired by the national Catholic newspaper called The Universe and will now become a division under this paper’s banner.

It is hoped during the relaunch of the station that this radio play will feature prominently in the opening week’s schedule – watch out for further details on this website.

:: Thanks to John Kay for providing these two great photos from this event.

Crowning the Carnival Queen 150 150 mhamer

Crowning the Carnival Queen

Jimmy performed at the pier theatre in Cromer

Jimmy Cricket had a dual role when he visited Cromer, a coastal resort in north Norfolk.

In addition to appearing in the theatre on the seaside town’s pier, the Irish comedian was also asked to crown the Carnival Queen!

Jimmy said: “I have always enjoyed visiting Cromer. I really love the theatre which has become a bit of a bastion of the ‘end-of-pier summer season revue’.

“This type of variety format has been maintained in the resort for years. Cromer’s shows have a fine reputation and are not only supported by day trippers, but also by locals from the north Norfolk region.

“With so many resorts not opting to present a summer season family production any more, Cromer continues to buck the national trend.

“This really proves that an audience can be developed for such a show and that people will come back every year to support the theatre.”

Watch a video slideshow on the homepage of this website or at Jimmy’s YouTube channel

Photos here provided by Steve Medler and the remainder on the video slideshow courtesy of Dave Roberts

Jimmy Cricket has a ride in a blue cadillac in Cromer

Jimmy talks to seaside visitors while taking a ride in a blue cadillac in Cromer