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Fr Frankie celebrates 10 years in the priesthood 150 150 mhamer

Fr Frankie celebrates 10 years in the priesthood

Fr Frankie Mulgrew has celebrated 10 years in the priesthood.

Fr Frankie Mulgrew, the younger son of famous entertainer Jimmy Cricket, is celebrating 10 years in the priesthood.

Formerly a comedian like his father, Fr Frankie (pictured right) was ordained in 2013.

He is currently the parish priest at St James and All Souls Parish in Salford.

Not surprisingly considering his dad’s job, Frankie was captivated by a love of the stage as a child.

As a stand-up comedian, he was known as Frankie Doodle.

But he suffered with depression around the age of 18, which led him eventually to become a priest after realising the healing power of the Catholic religion.

To mark the special occasion, his parish posted a video on social media.

It features Fr Frankie answering some questions, including which one item does he always take with him when he goes out?

You can find out the answer by viewing the video here. It can also be found below this article.

An accompanying message said: “Today we celebrate Father Frankie’s 10th year anniversary of being a priest and in honour of that, here’s a little video of Father!

We couldn’t be prouder!
“Thank you for everything you do for the parish, Father, and may God bless you always and forever.”
Jimmy said on behalf of himself and his wife May: “He does such great work and his Mum and I couldn’t be prouder! xx”
Fr Frankie has authored two books on faith.
His first is about God and humour called Does God LOL? (LOL is internet slang for Laugh Out Loud).
He compiled and edited the book.
It includes contributions from famous entertainers Ricky Tomlinson, Tim Vine, Jo Brand, Milton Jones and the late Sir Ken Dodd and Frank Carson.
And the second is Miracles R Us: Supernatural Miracles In The Catholic Church.
People on social media congratulated Fr Frankie on his anniversary.
Jacqui Ridler, a singer and saxophone player, told Jimmy on Facebook: “I remember him as a little toddler.
“A few years later he came with his mum and siblings to see me at the 3Bs in Bridlington.
“How he has grown, congratulations great work Frankie xx.”

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Fr Frankie’s answer to the question mentioned in the article above… he takes Rosary Beads with him when he goes out.



A big step nearer to the priesthood… 150 150 mhamer

A big step nearer to the priesthood…

The service was held at the St Mary’s College chapel

The service was held at the St Mary’s College chapel in Oscott, Birmingham

…that’s not Jimmy Cricket but his youngest son, Frankie Mulgrew.

Frankie has been ordained a deacon and is now just 12 months away from becoming a Roman Catholic priest.

The service was held in the chapel at St Mary’s College, Oscott in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham on Saturday (30 June).

His diaconate ordination means Frankie, who describes himself on Twitter as a trainee priest/ex-comic, is a deacon for the next year and can perform certain functions of the Catholic Church.

Frankie in his robes with his cousin Gavin

Frankie in his robes with his cousin Gavin

And on his Facebook page, Frankie said: “Many thanks all, for your very kind comments…and just to clarify, my little sis jumped the gun with the ‘Fr’ comment…I became a Deacon last sat… (I knew she’d dose off).

“Priesthood is hopefully just a year off.. but I’m still available for weddings, baptisms, funerals…sideline in balloon modelling, etc.”

Frankie’s journey to this point has involved six years of study, with his first 12 months at the English College in Valladolid in north-central Spain to participate in a pre-novitiate year (contemplative foundation).

He then moved to the five years of full study which has got him to this stage. Four of those years were at St Cuthbert’s College in Ushaw, Durham, but it closed a year ago and his studies were transferred to Birmingham.  He has one more academic year to undertake, which starts back in Birmingham in September.

His father, famous Irish comedian Jimmy,  said: “The service was a long one! It was two hours and 15 minutes. It involved 10 other candidates who were also ordained deacons and they were from Birmingham, Nottingham, Hallam and East Anglia, to name a few.

“The service was presided over by Archbishop Bernard Longley of Birmingham. There were in total around 70 members of the clergy there to support the ordination of the 11 candidates, plus sisters and brothers from other religious orders. Add to that family members and friends, and it all meant the chapel was rather full.

Frankie celebrates with his family in a photo taken by Tim Vine

Frankie celebrates with his family in a photo taken by Tim Vine

“The service itself asks for a commitment from the deacon to the church and to the local bishop. It also involves the handing-out of a book of Gospels to the deacon and they also receive their vestments.

“There is also a vow of celibacy taken, so that a full and unencumbered life can be devoted to the ministry of the church.”

Comedian Tim Vine, a very good friend of Frankie, also attended the service to see Frankie being ordained a deacon.

Frankie has now started his summer placement at the parish of Our Lady of the Valley in Lancashire. It covers the Clitheroe and Sabden communities within the beautiful Ribble Valley.

Jimmy added: “Frankie had a placement back in January at this parish for a month and really enjoyed his time there. This time he is only there for a fortnight, before he travels to London where he has been appointed as a voluntary chaplain to the athletes at the Olympic Village during the Olympic Games.

“He then has a bit of time in August, before he returns to St Mary’s College at the start of September.”

Why Jimmy is so fond of Midlands town 150 150 mhamer

Why Jimmy is so fond of Midlands town

Sutton Coldfield Observer preview of Jimmy's latest performance in the town

Sutton Coldfield Observer preview of Jimmy's latest performance in the town

Jimmy Cricket is to appear in a charity show in a town which has a special place in his heart.

The famous Irish comedian is performing at the Falcon Lodge Youth and Community Centre in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, West Midlands, on Friday 30 March.

It means Jimmy will also be able to see his youngest son, Frankie, who is training to be a Roman Catholic priest at nearby Oscott College.

He told the Sutton Coldfield Observer: “I love that neck of the woods. I was there in November for a Help the Heroes night and I’m really looking forward to returning, both to perform and to see my son.”

The profits from the show will go to the Carpenter’s Arms Community Centre which is operated by the Sutton Central Churches Trust.

For tickets to the show, ring the Falcon Lodge centre on 0121 378 1555.