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Centre of attention in Birmingham 150 150 mhamer

Centre of attention in Birmingham

Jimmy Cricket performing at the Birmingham Irish CentreThis great photo of famous entertainer Jimmy Cricket was taken when he appeared at the Birmingham Irish Centre.

Photographer Chris Egan posted the picture – which was also published in a publication for the Irish community living in the UK called the Irish Post – on his Twitter feed.

Jimmy said: “Thanks To Chris for posting this photo online and for more information on his photography services check out his website [].

At the show last autumn, Northern Irish funnyman Jimmy appeared with the traditional Irish musical outfit Irish Mist, a four-piece traditional/folk band.

The 25-year-old photograph 150 150 mhamer

The 25-year-old photograph

Jimmy Cricket with Clare Boulton

Smile please for the camera!Jimmy Cricket with Clare Boulton

This is what Jimmy Cricket looked like 25 years ago!

The famous Irish comedian was given a reminder in a photograph sent to him recently.

He is pictured with a fan called Clare Boulton who emailed the photo to Jimmy, saying: “I found this one of us many years ago and I even got your signature!!!”

It was taken in the Springfield Hotel in Holywell, North Wales.

‘Nice to be friends on Facebook’ 150 150 mhamer

‘Nice to be friends on Facebook’

Jimmy and Gary Winstanley at Whelley Labour Club in Wigan

Jimmy and Gary Winstanley at Whelley Labour Club in Wigan

Jimmy Cricket has been emailed this picture by Gary Winstanley.

It was taken at Whelley Labour club in Wigan where the famous Irish entertainer performed a few years ago.

Gary says: “Not sure of the exact date now, but I think it was 2008. It was a great night and a pleasure to meet you.

“Nice to be friends on Facebook. Keep up the good work.”