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Will the ‘real Jimmy Cricket’ please do stand-up! 150 150 mhamer

Will the ‘real Jimmy Cricket’ please do stand-up!

Jimmy CricketJimmy Cricket sign outside Henighans in Bolton

The people of Bolton certainly got the “real Jimmy Cricket” when they watched the Northern Irish entertainer perform this summer.

When funnyman Jimmy arrived before his show at Henighans in the Greater Manchester town, he was amused to see an advertisement board outside the comedy venue saying: ‘The real Jimmy Cricket’!

Jimmy Cricket posterAnd it was undoubtedly the famous comedian himself who delivered his popular and timeless brand of stand-up to an appreciative audience.

The photographs with this story were taken by Jimmy’s friend Trefyln Jones, who popped over to see him before the show.

Trefyln runs a media company in Warrington called
Green Screen Express.