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Latest Golden Wellie award winner is… 150 150 mhamer

Latest Golden Wellie award winner is…

Jimmy Cricket with Golden Wellie award winner Sarah the postwomanThe latest Golden Wellie award winner is Sarah the postwoman whose round include Jimmy Cricket’s cottage in Rochdale.

Ever since Sarah started to deliver to Jimmy’s house, the well-known comedian has been very impressed with her positive demeanour, cheerful personality and feel-good attitude.

He feels it certainly helps when she is out and about delivering to households and customers.

“She even makes bills more palatable!” joked Jimmy.

The Northern Irishman, who presented the award (above) outside his cottage, wanted to thank Sarah for being such a great advert for the postal service!

How Jimmy celebrated his birthday 150 150 mhamer

How Jimmy celebrated his birthday

Jimmy Cricket, with his birthday cake, Jim Nicholas and the local organising committee for the eventJimmy Cricket celebrated his latest birthday doing exactly what he likes the most – performing at a show for one of his favourite charities.

The famous entertainer took to the stage on Thursday 17 October, at a fundraiser for the Francis House Children’s Hospice at St Joseph’s Parish Centre in Little Hulton, Salford.

Seen above is Jimmy, with his birthday cake, alongside Jim Nicholas – the DJ who is ever present at his Francis House fundraisers and is in his Elvis costume – and surrounded by the local organising committee for this event.

Jimmy said: “I had a tremendous time and what better way to celebrate my birthday than doing the very thing I love the most – performing!”

Backing the Big Red Seat Appeal 150 150 mhamer

Backing the Big Red Seat Appeal

Jimmy Cricket makes an appeal on behalf of the Royal Concert Hall in NottinghamJimmy Cricket used his legendary wellies to support a campaign set up to renovate a famous theatre. 

The Big Red Seat Appeal aims to raise enough funds to replace all 2,500 seats in the Royal Concert Hall auditorium in Nottingham.

It costs £300 to replace each seat is £300, meaning a fundraising target of £750,000 with Nottingham City Council pledging to match all donations, so every £1 given becomes £2.

Since singer-songwriter, composer and pianist Sir Elton John opened the Royal Concert Hall on 27 November 1982, millions of people have come through its doors to experience live performances, from every genre of music, dance and comedy.

Famous entertainer Jimmy was the headline performer of a national music hall tour during 2013 and the Nottingham venue was one of the autumn dates in the show’s schedule.

While he was there, he was asked to support the Royal Concert Hall appeal, a request he could not resist, so he grabbed his trademark wellington boots and made his own personal endorsement of the campaign.

Jimmy is a big supporter of live theatre and this was another opportunity to put his words into action.

Find out more about the appeal.

‘Special medal is fitting recognition’ 150 150 mhamer

‘Special medal is fitting recognition’

A good friend of well-known entertainer Jimmy Cricket has been honoured for distinguished service to the Roman Catholic Church and its community.

Jim Nicholas, a DJ and comedian, was featured in the Manchester Evening News for all his fundraising exploits for the Francis House Children’s Hospice in Manchester.

Jim Nicholas was featured in the Manchester Evening News for all his fund-raising work for the Francis House Children’s Hospice in Manchester

Jim Nicholas was featured in the Manchester Evening News for all his fundraising work for the Francis House Children’s Hospice in Manchester

He has been awarded the Papal Medal, which is also known as the Benemerenti.

The medal was presented to him by the Rt Rev Terence Brain, the Bishop of Salford.

Jimmy was at the ceremony and is quoted in the article, right, saying: “I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this magnificent award than Jim.

“He has worked tirelessly for Francis House over the years, raising a phenomenal amount of money for this cause.

“It’s been a real pleasure to have known him and to have shared the platform with him at various charity concerts.

“This special medal is fitting recognition for his marvellous contribution to the parishes and communities where he’s lived and helped support.”

* Read about the latest fundraising event for Francis House Children’s Hospice involving Jimmy and Jim.

‘Elvis’ helps raise money for hospice 150 150 mhamer

‘Elvis’ helps raise money for hospice

DJ Jim Nicholas does a good Elvis Presley impressionA DJ who does a good Elvis Presley impersonation joined Jimmy Cricket for another fundraising event for the Francis House Children’s Hospice in Manchester.

Famous funnyman Jimmy performs at several such shows each year which are organised by his friend, the DJ Jim Nicholas, and the most recent was at the end of September and hosted by St Oswald’s Social Club in Warrington.

May Marion, Jimmy Cricket's wife who is a female vocalistThe Northern Irish-born entertainer was joined on stage by his wife, female vocalist May Marion (left), and the event was compered by DJ Jim (of Cliff’s Disco), who also does a good turn as Elvis (above right)!

The show was a very touching occasion as it was organised by a family who use the Hospice on a regular basis and wanted to give back some of the support they have received over the years.Jimmy Cricket

They promoted the event, selling the majority of the tickets, and it was a big success resulting in a considerable amount of money being raised for this great cause.

Jimmy, seen on the right in action at the fundraising event  wearing his famous wellies, is also pictured below with photographer Ricky Sandtide Matthews who took all the pictures on this page.

Jimmy Cricket with photographer Ricky Sandtide Matthews

Arr, Jim lad! 150 150 mhamer

Arr, Jim lad!

Jimmy Cricket with the parrot

Jimmy Cricket agreed to be pictured with the parrot in aid of charity

Jimmy Cricket has had thousands of photographs taken of him as an entertainer over the years – but probably not many with a parrot on his shoulder!

The famous Irish comedian was asked to pose for a picture with Gizmoo the parrot as part of an idea to raise money for a special charitable cause.

Moments later he went on stage at the Palace Theatre in Mansfield.

Photographing Gizmoo with celebrities is a fundraising concept by Jane Beresford – who took the photo above – on behalf of a baby who was seriously ill at birth.

Ten-month-old Amelia Rose Sutton was born four weeks premature with severe brain damage after lying on the umbilical cord while in the womb, causing a condition known as Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) when the brain does not receive enough oxygen.

After spending seven weeks in neonatal intensive care, Amelia was allowed home, but has since been in and out of hospital.

She requires 24-hour care, which is currently provided solely by her parents, Adrian Sutton and Louise Toplis, and needs regular physio to help her limbs more freely and assist her posture.

Her parents, who live in Derbyshire, have set up the Help Amelia Rose Trust (HART) to raise money for extra physio sessions and a room equipped with sensory lights which will help her quality of life and general development.

For details of how to donate to HART call 01159 446165 or visit