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David Bell: ‘Legendary maestro of TV variety’ 150 150 mhamer

David Bell: ‘Legendary maestro of TV variety’

The late great David Bell whom my generation of fellow performers had the great pleasure of working with! David was gone too soon!

Jimmy Cricket has been delving into the archives again to fondly remember those with whom he has worked.

With the coronavirus pandemic meaning no shows for the foreseeable future, comic Jimmy has been looking through his old photographs.

And he found the picture above of the late David Bell, who was one of British television’s best light entertainment producers.

Award-winning David died aged 53 in June 1990 at his London home after being ill for several months.

The Scotsman worked for Scottish Television, the BBC and London Weekend Television (LWT) during a very successful career.

He worked with many big names in television, including Benny Hill, Bruce Forsyth, Dame Edna Everage and Elton John.

Hawick-born David was the man behind most of the ITV royal variety shows.

As controller of entertainment at London Weekend Television, he was in charge of many of ITV’s most popular series.
These included The Stanley Baxter Show.

Jimmy tweeted: “Going through archives, and here remembering the legendary maestro of Variety and sketch shows on Television…

“The late great David Bell whom my generation of fellow performers had the great pleasure of working with!

“David was gone too soon!”

Read how the Herald in Scotland reported on David’s death back in 1990

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‘Successful and highly enjoyable’ 150 150 mhamer

‘Successful and highly enjoyable’

Jimmy Cricket is dockside with (from left):  - Joan, David, Roger, Craig and ColinJimmy Cricket made friends with a former cook for the Queen and an American who performs Elton John tributes during his week’s stay on a cruise ship.

The famous Irish comedian appeared on a leg of a world cruise aboard P&O’s Aurora cruiseliner, between Honolulu in Hawaii and Papeete in Tahiti.

P&O’s Aurora cruiseliner

He performed in two shows over the seven nights he and wife May spent on board, mainly while the ship was at sea.

After leaving the ship, they had an overnight stay on Tahiti, before doing two overnight flights in order to get back to the UK.Papeete in Tahiti

In the picture at the top of this story, Jimmy is dockside with (from left):

– Joan and David Alan who were lecturers onboard and their specialist subject was broadcasting

 – Roger Wright was the first Simba in the London West End version of the Disney musical The Lion King and he also came third in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s search for someone to play the lead role in Jesus Christ Superstar that was broadcast on ITV a couple of years ago

Papeete in Tahiti

 – Craig is an American piano player and vocalist who did an Elton John tribute

 – Colin Fry, who lives in Harrogate, was the Queen’s Cook for five years and was on the Aurora giving talks on this role.

Jimmy said: “I enjoyed my short stay on the island. It was a nice and relaxing end to what proved a very successful and highly enjoyable working engagement on board this P&O vessel.”

Jimmy Cricket in Tahiti


In McDonald's in Papeete!

In McDonald’s in Papeete!