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Famous wellingtons get their own photo shoot! 150 150 mhamer

Famous wellingtons get their own photo shoot!

Jimmy Cricket's famous wellingtons

Jimmy Cricket’s famous trademark wellies were recently the subject of a photo shoot!

It followed a request from Andy Hollingworth,  a photographer who specialises in comedy.

Andy wanted to capture an image of Jimmy’s wellies (above, in black and white) for an exciting project, which involves him photographing iconic artefacts linked to famous comedians – either from mainstream or alternative comedy.

Well-known Northern Irish entertainer Jimmy, 70, is famous for wearing the green wellington boots – marked with the letters R and L – on the wrong feet during his acts.

Andy has already photographed Eric Morecambe’s glasses, Norman Wisdom’s cap, Mr Bean’s teddy, Alan Carr’s glasses and he even flew over to Los Angeles to meet Harpo Marx’s family, who gave him permission to photograph his famous harp.

Andy met Jimmy at his house in Rochdale to snap the famous wellies – and the two (pictured below) had a great chat about comedy, which lasted longer than expected!

* Photos are copyright of Andy Hollingworth Archive

Jimmy Cricket and Andy Hollingworth