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Christmas card: Which PM now lives at No 10?! 150 150 mhamer

Christmas card: Which PM now lives at No 10?!

Jimmy Cricket's 2022 Christmas card jokes about the fact that Great Britain has had three prime ministers this year.

Jimmy Cricket’s 2022 Christmas card focuses on the fact that the UK has had three prime ministers this year.

It shows Jimmy holding address details for No 10 Downing Street.

The card has Boris Johnson and Liz Truss crossed out, with question marks against Rishi Sunak.

All three Conservatives have all held the role since late summer.

Jimmy says on the card: “Mammy, Santa and I have come to drop the presents off, but we’re just double checking who lives here!”

His Christmas cards usually have a topical theme to them.

Listen to Jimmy’s special Christmas charity show here now!

For example, the 2020 card featured Dominic Cummings’ controversial trip to Barnard Castle during the first coronavirus lockdown.

It featured Jimmy dressed as Father Christmas telling Cummings: “They are the strongest glass we make in Lapland, Dominic!”

Boris Johnson’s former chief aide Cummings had admitted he drove to Barnard Castle with his wife and child at the end of his lockdown-busting trip to County Durham.

He insisted he made the journey to test his eyesight before making the long drive home to London.

He had made the 260-mile trip north in late spring at a time when he and his wife Mary were displaying symptoms of Covid-19.

It led to claims they were enjoying a day out rather than self-isolating.

Naughty list

Police later found Cummings may have breached the law during the trip to Barnard Castle, but said they would not fine or prosecute him.

Cummings refused to leave his role despite the national controversy it caused.

He finally left No 10 in November after an internal power struggle.

Jimmy also chose a political theme for his 2019 Christmas card – the way Westminster MPs behaved over Brexit.

It showed him telling her majesty the Queen that all members of parliament are on the naughty list.

(Tradition has it that Father Christmas – also known as Santa Claus – has two lists: the naughty list and the nice list.

He checks over his list twice. If you are nice you get presents. If you are naughty you get a lump of coal in your stocking.)

Former PM Johnson reportedly apologised to the Queen after the Supreme Court ruled his decision to prorogue (suspend) Parliament earlier that year was unlawful.

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Northern Irish comedian Jimmy has traditionally created his own customised Christmas card over the years.

Jimmy Cricket's Christmas card features the Only Fools and Horses’ sketch staring regular cast members David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst, plus special Comic Relief guest David BeckhamIn 2012, he picked a picture of Usain Bolt and Mo Farah, which was one of the iconic images from the London Olympics.

The followed year, it was a photo associated with the theft of his concrete wellies, which was widely covered in the media.

And his 2014 card (pictured right) featured a sketch which took place during that year’s Comic Relief event.

The card recalled the Only Fools and Horses charity scene starring regular cast members David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst.

In addition, it featured former England and Manchester United footballer David Beckham.

Famous entertainer Jimmy was included on the card as if part of the get-together and referenced his famous Mammy!

Listen to Jimmy’s special Christmas charity show here now!

Jimmy Cricket's Christmas card 2020