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Events that helped make Jimmy famous 150 150 mhamer

Events that helped make Jimmy famous

jimmy_cricket_lookinPhotos and postings published on social media websites have revealed some of the events that made Jimmy Cricket a household name.

The Northern Irish entertainer’s supporters and friends have created a kind of nostalgia corner with their entries on Facebook and Twitter.

Right is a picture of the front cover of the Look in annual dating back to 1988. Look in was a popular weekly magazine aimed at the teenage markets during the 1980s.

Jimmy features primarily because he had a popular television series on ITV at the time and the magazine decided to run a comic strip which featured Jimmy’s character getting into different scrapes!jimmy_cricket_nostalgia

A big thanks to Amy Elizabeth Phillips for posting this on her website at where it features on its dedicated Facebook page.

Back in 1987, Jimmy headlined a show at the Grand Theatre in Blackpool which was a trailblazer at the time as it started a trend of extending theatre-based entertainment attractions into the autumnal illuminations season (poster left, is also from the Variety Emporium website).

Supporting Jimmy on the show was none other than Brian Conley,  the English comedian, television presenter, singer and actor who at the peak of his television career was believed to be the highest-paid male television personality in the UK.

Alongside both Jimmy and Brian was a double act called Trevillion & Nine – the female half of which was Sadie Nice who is now a successful broadcaster on BBC Essex.

The other member of the double act, Paul Trevillion, went on to use his artistic talents to the full, producing cartoons for a range of sporting occasions and sporting publications.

Radio DJ’s photo from the past 150 150 mhamer

Radio DJ’s photo from the past

Jimmy with 10-year-old David at the Lord's Taverners cricket match in the 80s

Jimmy with 10-year-old David at the Lord's Taverners cricket match in the 80s

Jimmy was taken on another nostalgic journey following a radio interview this week.

The Irish funnyman had been speaking to radio presenter David Gordon on the Belfast-based Citybeat about Saturday’s (3 March) funeral of Frank Carson.

After the interview David said that when he was 10 years old he had seen Jimmy in Torquay and had photographic evidence – see above.

David said he went to see Jimmy in a show at the Princess Theatre in Torquay where he was performing along with the late singer Lena Zavaroni.

In an email David said of the photograph: “I think the event was a Lord’s Taverners cricket match in Torquay in summer 1986.”