• March 26, 2016

Master of his profession… champion of his faith

Master of his profession… champion of his faith

Master of his profession… champion of his faith 150 150 mhamer

The Universe article about Jimmy Cricket

Jimmy Cricket’s faith and his Papal Knighthood are among the topics of a recent feature written about the famous entertainer.

The article, by Leon Spence, was published in the Catholic Universe – the largest-selling Catholic newspaper for Great Britain and Ireland.

Jimmy, 70, is described as “the sort of comedian who young and old could appreciate”.

“He’s the kind of comedian who can deliver corny one-liners like ‘A sock is a sock to you and me but to the old woman who lived in a shoe it was wall-to-wall carpeting’ but still raise a belly laugh with professional timing and child-like wonderment.”

The feature reflects in some detail on the Papal Knighthood Jimmy (born with the surname Mulgrew) was awarded last year for his work in the community.

It is described as “an achievement he doesn’t advertise but with which he rightly silently glows with pride when mentioned”.

And it concludes: “Readers will be fully aware that celebrity interviews are not my regular area of writing. Politics and the state of the world are something which floats my boat more. But perhaps all of us, from time to time, have a duty to ask what life is all about?

“Seeing a man like Jimmy Mulgrew in action, a master of his profession on stage and someone proud to wear his faith on his sleeve off it, isn’t a bad place to start trying to emulate.”


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