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Lyndene Hotel: Seventh season already lined up 150 150 mhamer

Lyndene Hotel: Seventh season already lined up

Jimmy is appearing at the Lyndene Hotel for a seventh season

Jimmy Cricket will enjoy a SEVENTH season at his favourite Blackpool hotel.

The famous Northern Irish comic has appeared regularly at the popular Lyndene over the past few years.

His performances there were limited during 2020 and for part of this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But he has performed there on the first Wednesday of every month since July and is now set for another season.

He posted on social media: “It’s time for Turkey and Tinsel at Blackpool’s ever popular Hotel @LyndeneHotel.

“I will be back for my 7th year, (the first Wednesday of every month from July through to December 2022) #liveperformance.”

The Lyndene appeared as the Le Ponderosa in the second series of Peter Kay’s TV hit comedy Phoenix Nights.

It is perched on the seafront and is one of Blackpool’s unique venues as it welcomes tourists and visitors all year round.

Lyndene Hotel in Blackpool

The hotel has more than 100 fully equipped and tastefully decorated en suite bedrooms.

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My Basil Brush TV sketch never shown on TV! 150 150 mhamer

My Basil Brush TV sketch never shown on TV!

Hi folks! Here's the true story about the sketch I did with the wonderful Basil Brush back in the 1980s that was edited out of the show, for reasons beyond our control! That's Showbiz! #sketchshows

Jimmy Cricket did a TV sketch with Basil Brush in the 1980s – but it was never broadcast.

The popular Northern Irish comic has told readers of the Lancashire Evening Post why the comedy piece did not make it on to the small screen.

Jimmy recalled the story in his latest LEP column.

He posted on social media: “Hi folks! Here’s the true story about the sketch I did with the wonderful @realbasilbrush back in the 1980s that was edited out of the show, for reasons beyond our control!

“That’s Showbiz! #sketchshows”.

Basil Brush is a fictional red fox, best known for his appearances on daytime British children’s television since the 1960s.

In his column, Jimmy said: “One of my favourite jokes of Basil Brush is when the late, great actor Derek Fowlds as his sidekick picks up a book and says: ‘And now Basil, I’m going to read the story of ‘The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe’.

“And Basil retorts: ‘Poor ole soul!’  Then he’s straight in with his hearty laugh and memorable catch phrase, “boom! boom!”.


“I‘d always loved Basil from the first time I saw him on TV.

“He had that rare gift of appealing to children and grown-ups alike with his posh voice and impeccable delivery.

“So, you can imagine my excitement when I’m offered my own television series in the mid-eighties and the wise-cracking Fox is to be one of my guests.

“On the first day of rehearsals, I met the man who both created and portrayed Basil – Ivan Owen.

“Ivan was a friendly, unassuming man and, when I was introduced to him, I broke the ice by saying that although Jim Henson’s Muppets had become immensely popular by that time, there was still a place in the nation’s heart for his lovable mischievous creation.

“He politely thanked me and we headed to the nearest café for a cup of tea.

“Basil’s posh upper crust accent I later found out was based on the great English comedy actor and star of the silver screen, Terry Thomas.

Razor-sharp wit

“The glove puppet was made by a top craftsman in that field called Peter Firmin.”

“After we had a run-through with the script, we both headed back to our respective hotels to brush up on our lines.

“The next day we were in the studio and that’s where Ivan really came into his own.

“Clipping the microphone to something resembling a crown and placing it snugly on his head, he climbed underneath the table, put his hand into the glove puppet and, hey presto, up popped a totally believable fox with a razor-sharp wit.

“It was at about 6pm that night when the producer Tony Wolf dropped the bombshell that the electricians would be taking industrial action.

“It would mean we wouldn’t have a studio audience for the show that night.

“He could still shoot and record the two singers, the wonderful Dana and the late great Lena Zavaroni, but would understand if myself and Ivan didn’t want to perform the sketch.

“He also asked me if I would meet the audience members in the Green Room, have a drink with them and apologise for having to send them home which I duly did.

“After chatting with Ivan in his dressing room, we both agreed to perform the sketch that night anyway to an empty studio.

“Of course, we performed like the place was full, but a comedy sketch needs laughter like a Panda needs bamboo shoots, so it was no surprise when a few days later Tony the producer said he was going to edit the sketch out of the final cut.

“So, there you have its folks, I did a sketch with Basil Brush and the only people who saw it were a technical crew in an empty studio.”

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Whitworth society welcomes back long-time friend 150 150 mhamer

Whitworth society welcomes back long-time friend

Jimmy Cricket is performing at St John's Hall in WhitworthJimmy Cricket’s next show is in Whitworth – just up the road from where he lives!
The popular Northern Irish comic is performing at St John’s Hall on Saturday (13 November).
Jimmy and his wife May live just a couple of miles away in Healey Dell.
Founded in 1963, WAMDS is also known as the Whitworth Amateurs.
The society said it was “extremely pleased” to welcome the “comedy legend” to St John’s Hall.
It added: “Jimmy has been a long-time friend and supporter of WAMDS and even played part of the narrator for us in ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’ around 15 years ago.
‘Swagger of Dean Martin’
“A stalwart of the comedy scene, Jimmy Cricket brings his own unique brand of comedy and Irish logic.

“The event will be supported by WAMDS’ very own silver crooner Mr Paul Wynn.
“Paul brings together the swing of Sinatra, the smooth of Bublé and the swagger of Dean Martin.
“We are also extremely proud to present the fantastic folk duo Orladh and Leo. Fresh from a summer programme of festivals, gigs and theatre concerts.
“This Rochdale duo bring a truly unique blend of folk, Americana and traditional music to the stage.
“A fantastic package of entertainment for just £10 – licensed bar, refreshments and free car parking.”
Lionel Blair RIP: He lit up every room he went into 150 150 mhamer

Lionel Blair RIP: He lit up every room he went into

Lionel had a shining personality that lit up every room he entered, he had both talent and enthusiasm, catch his remarkable duet tap dance routine with Sammy Davis Junior on the YouTube Channel, the world is a sadder place without him! Performing arts R.I.P.old friend.

Lionel Blair had “a shining personality that lit up every room he entered”, says Jimmy Cricket.

Veteran entertainer, TV presenter and dancer Lionel died aged 92 on Thursday.

His amazing stage and screen career spanned eight decades.

Northern Irish comedian Jimmy has shared on social media the photo above of him with Lionel.

Lionel had both talent and enthusiasm,” recalled Jimmy fondly.

“Catch his remarkable duet tap dance routine with Sammy Davis Jr on YouTube.

“The world is a sadder place without him.

“R.I.P. old friend.”

Lionel Blair's 'dance-off' with Sammy Davis Jr

Watch here Lionel’s duet tap dance routine with Sammy Davis Jr at the Royal Variety Performance in 1961 (which he said was the highlight of his career).

Lionel was best known as a team captain on game show Give Us A Clue.

In recent years, he acted in Ricky Gervais’s Extras and also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.

Born in Canada in 1928, he had moved to the UK as a young boy.

Henry Lionel Ogus, as he was known before his showbusiness career, began performing in air raid shelters during World War Two.

He grew up in north London and was evacuated to Oxford when the war broke out.

His father died when he was 13 and the following year he began working as an actor.

He performed in musical productions alongside his elder sister Joyce.

But it was his self-taught dancing skills for which he was best known.

He became a household name as team captain on ITV’s long-running Give Us A Clue opposite Una Stubbs, who died earlier this year.

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Never play Monopoly with a boxer… more Twitter one-liners 150 150 mhamer

Never play Monopoly with a boxer… more Twitter one-liners

Funnyman Jimmy Cricket tells regular jokes online

Why should you never play Monopoly with a boxer… ?

Comic Jimmy Cricket reveals the reason in his latest series of one-liners.

The ever-green entertainer regularly posts jokes on social media to amuse all his fans and friends.

Here is another selection of Jimmy’s latest gags – including the light-hearted answer to the Monopoly question.

I know why Houdini was such a great escapologist… he had a get-out clause in his act.

I’ve just been offered a politically correct version of the pantomime Snow White… in it, the seven little fellas come on singing: “Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s off to woke we go!”

When my Uncle Tom woke up and found that all the hay had been pinched from his barn, he said: “That’s the last straw!”

I’ll never forget the time I wrote a book on wrestling. On the way to the publisher I slipped twice. That was the day I had 2 falls and a submission.

So I was driving along and I saw this fella broke down by the side of the road. I said: “What’s the trouble?” He said: “I’ve run out of petrol.” I said: “Well, I’ve got a full tank, follow me!

Little Bo Peep has shortened her name… oh aye, you’d be hard put to get a peep out of her these days.

Folks I’ve got this theory and I’d like to share it with you… come closer, you know all those reckless drivers that weave in and out of traffic… I think they’re all heading to the same pub… the Cutters Inn!!!

Learning to fry an egg

Why did the chicken stop in the middle of the railway track… because he wanted to lay it on the line.

I’ll never forget the time I sent a birthday card to Neil Armstrong… he was over the moon!

It took me ages to learn to fry an egg… then I finally cracked it!

Never play Monopoly with a boxer… he’ll only knock your block off!!

I was in a restaurant yesterday and I just couldn’t decide which fish to have from the menu… I was caught between a rock and a hard plaice!

See more of funnyman Jimmy’s jokes and keep up to date with everything he’s doing at https://twitter.com/jimmy__cricket

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Double celebration time for our favourite comedian! 150 150 mhamer

Double celebration time for our favourite comedian!

It was a double celebration weekend for evergreen funnyman Jimmy Cricket.

Saturday (16 October) marked the long-awaited return of the popular jam nights introduced by Jimmy and his wife May about 15 years ago.

And Sunday was the famous entertainer’s 76th birthday.

Double celebration weekend: Here back with our Jammers tonight, (now into our second decade), at #StVincentsParishCentre, (after a long 19 month break), Pauline’s raffle tonight will go to the wonderful Charity #marysmeals, my thanks also to singer #MikeHowarth, and Kate and Pat on teas & coffees! 🎭

Jimmy and May – a professional singer – have since 2006 hosted a regular night of entertainment in their adopted home town of Rochdale.

It provides a useful opportunity for Jimmy and other performers to try out new (and relive some old) routines.

They began it on a monthly basis and in the past few years have alternated hosting the jam nights with good friend and fellow entertainer Eric Devereaux.

It takes place in the lounge area of St Vincent’s RC parish centre in Norden.

They invite different guests who perform free of charge.

Jimmy Cricket's self-isolating message just before the start of the lockdown

There is a raffle and the selling of refreshments, with all proceeds donated to a chosen charity.

The popular comedian has nicknamed those who regularly support these evenings as ‘Jimmy’s Jammers’.

However, the event was inevitably put on hold early in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic – until Saturday.

Jimmy said: “Here back with our Jammers tonight, (now into our second decade), at #StVincentsParishCentre, (after a long 19-month break).

“Pauline’s raffle tonight will go to the wonderful Charity #marysmeals, my thanks also to singer #MikeHowarth, and Kate and Pat on teas & coffees! 🎭

Mary’s Meals supports feeding projects for children in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Jimmy’s comedian-turned-priest son, Fr Frankie Mulgrew, is a long-standing supporter of Mary’s Meals.

Jimmy also expressed his gratitude for all the congratulations on his birthday.

He commented: “Can I say a huge, “Thank You”, to everyone who took the time to wish me, “Happy Birthday”.

“It was so very much appreciated! xx”

Can I say a huge, “Thank You”, to everyone who took the time to wish me, “Happy Birthday”, it was so very much appreciated! xx

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Tom O’Connor ‘had the gift of seeing the funny side to everything’ 150 150 mhamer

Tom O’Connor ‘had the gift of seeing the funny side to everything’

Latest LEP column is tribute to Tom O'ConnorThe great career of the late comedian Tom O’Connor is remembered in Jimmy Cricket’s latest newspaper column.

Tom died in hospital in Buckinghamshire in July aged 81.

He had had Parkinson’s for more than a decade.

Tom rose to fame on TV show Opportunity Knocks, which he won three times.

He went on to star in The Comedians and host shows including Name That Tune, Crosswits and the Tom O’Connor Show.

Like Jimmy, his humour was always completely family friendly.

He was born in Bootle, Merseyside, and went on to become a maths teacher and assistant headteacher.

He became a professional entertainer in the early 1970s, establishing himself as a household name with shows like Pick Pockets.

His career saw him appearing in the Royal Variety Show at the London Palladium and being the subject of This Is Your Life.

‘Impeccable timing’

Jimmy paid tribute to Tom at the time of his death.

And he also devoted his August column in the Lancashire Evening Post to his friend and fellow entertainer.

He began by writing: “Most people will remember Tom O’Connor for the professional and effortless way he hosted game shows and quiz shows on television.

“But those of us who were lucky enough to see any of his live performances will have cherished memories of a comedian whose razor-sharp observations and impeccable timing had audiences in fits of helpless laughter.”

To finish, Jimmy said: “The one thread which ran through Tom’s comedy was that it was clean and it was also wholesome family humour.

“I was lucky enough to do a couple of television shows with him when he had his own series.

“It was at that time that I vividly remember his parting remark after one of them…

“He said: ‘Take care Jimmy, and remember we’re the guys in the white hats!’

“He will be sadly missed by us all.”

Jimmy posted on Twitter: “Here is my latest @leponline column where I pay my tribute to a wonderful Comic/Game/Quiz/ShowHost.”

He added that Tom’s “live stand-up performances thrilled audiences all over the U.K. for many decades! #livestandup”.

So sad to hear of the passing of my fellow comedian Tom O’Connor. Tom’s razor sharp observations and impeccable timing made him one of the all time greats! Our thoughts and prayers go out to Pat his lovely wife, (pictured here with Tom), and all his family! ♥️xx

Tom O’Connor: One of the all-time greats