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Surgeons and comics have a lot in common…

A fabulous night of award celebrations for staff and volunteer members @RJAH_NHS with organisers, Chief Executive Mark Brandreth and Chairman Frank Collins, alongside compère for the evening Orthopaedic Surgeon Robin Banerjee!

Entertainer Jimmy Cricket performed at an NHS awards event in Shropshire on Thursday evening.

The celebrations for staff and volunteers who work for the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (RJAH) took place at the Lion Quays Hotel in Oswestry.

The RJAH orthopaedic hospital is a leading centre of excellence with a reputation for innovation, providing a comprehensive range of musculoskeletal (bone, joint and tissue) surgical, medical and rehabilitation services – locally, regionally and nationally.

Famous comedian Jimmy, 73, tweeted: “It was great appearing at the Robert Jones, Agnes Hunt Hospital awards ceremony in Oswestry last night.

“Surgeons and Comics have a lot in common…We both work in a theatre, have people in stitches, and have to deal with the odd drip now and then.”

NHS70: Jimmy Cricket’s tribute to UK institution

jimmy Cricket paid tribute to the NHS

Jimmy Cricket has paid tribute to the UK’s National Health Service, which turned 70 earlier this month.

The NHS was born on 5 July 1948, with the promise of healthcare from cradle to grave, free at the point of use for everyone.

Today, it is the UK’s largest employer, with more than 1.5 million staff from all over the world working in 350 different careers. Its budget for 2018-19 is around £125 billion.

In an interview for the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals website (NHS Foundation Trust), 72-year-old Jimmy  – described as a “legendary welly-wearing funny man” – insisted the NHS should be preserved for generations to come.

He said: “It’s a humanitarian goal that every single person, race colour or creed or whatever their income, gets medical attention.

“In fact, when people go abroad and have to spend fortunes, they realise how blessed and lucky we are in this country to have the NHS.”

Jimmy, who spends a fair bit of time in Blackpool doing shows at the popular Lyndene Hotel on the promenade, added: “Let’s keep the NHS for our children and for our children’s children.”

Read the full story at https://www.bfwh.nhs.uk/come-closer-and-listen-to-comics-thoughts-on-nhs/

NHS70 is running celebrations throughout the year – for details on how to get involved, visit the NHS70 website.