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June Whitfield – a ‘great actress and lovely lady’


Hi folks I had the great pleasure of working with this great actress and lovely lady the late June Whitfield here is my tribute to her!

Jimmy Cricket has been sharing his memories of his good friend, comedy actress June Whitfield, who died at the end of last year.

The comedian devoted his latest monthly column in the Preston-based Lancashire Evening Post to the late English radio, television and film star.

Jimmy told all his social media followers about his column, saying: “Hi folks I had the great pleasure of working with this great actress and lovely lady the late June Whitfield here is my tribute to her!”

His LEP column read: “The death of June Whitfield at the great age of 93 closes the chapter on one our best ever comedy actresses. In a career that spanned more than six decades, June brought so much joy and laughter that, for many of us, it was not just losing a brilliant performer, but losing a friend.

“You have to go right back to the 1950s to find out when June first got the nation’s chuckle muscles rippling. Radio was king then and June could be heard on a popular show called Take it From Here, penned by Frank Muir and Dennis Norden. She could also be heard on a weekly segment called The Glums, playing Eth, the daft girlfriend to equally dim witted partner Ron, (played by Dick Bentley).

“Her timing and vocal inflections were such that I almost envied the studio audience who were there to witness it in the flesh. She then went on to play straight woman to some of the best comedians of the last century. Tony Hancock, Frankie Howard, Benny Hill, to name but a few.

“So how come when comedians can be a neurotic bunch, (I should know), and always worried about other people getting to many laughs, did June get the gig, so to speak?…”

Read the full column here


A new comedy song for Christmas

A new Christmas comedy song entitled ‘The Ballad of Harvey the Turkey’ is about to be released by the nation’s favourite Irish comedian Jimmy Cricket.

A new Christmas comedy song called The Ballad of Harvey the Turkey is about to be released by the nation’s favourite Irish comedian, Jimmy Cricket.

It is a lively tale of a turkey being adopted by Jimmy’s family, instead of ending up – as intended – on the Christmas Day platter.

Jimmy has always enjoyed the Christmas season, having headlined nearly 30 festive shows in many major towns and cities over his celebrated career, so it is fitting this king of the pantomime has decided to release a Christmas song.

Specialist comedy record label Rolling Tear are the force behind the song as they think it’s perfect for the 2014 festive season. They have produced the track and the song’s release is scheduled for the beginning of December.

David Tennant from Rolling Tear said: “Christmas is the season when the novelty song reigns. Over the years we have had some great festive tunes from Wizard, The Pogues, Noddy Holder, Cliff Richard and even Benny Hill!

“So we believe here at Rolling Tear that we can keep this tradition alive by working with the much-loved Jimmy Cricket and releasing this seasonal tale about a turkey called Harvey.”

Jimmy said: “Christmas is like no other time in the year. This is the same with the music we listen to, as for a really wonderful reason, we like to listen to feel-good tunes that get us in the mood at this time of the year. So I penned The Ballad of Harvey the Turkey with this in mind.

“And there’s more… it also has a distinct festive theme like no other, as everyone knows about Christmas dinner and how we all look forward to the feast it is.

“Well, this song describes the same glorious anticipation, but with a slightly different comical outcome!”

* Jimmy  is headlining Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Charter Theatre in Preston – where he made his pantomime debut in 1981 – over the Christmas and New Year period.