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Happiness exhibition is ‘wonderful tribute to Ken’ 150 150 mhamer

Happiness exhibition is ‘wonderful tribute to Ken’

What a wonderful visit to the ‘Happiness Exhibition’ today when we went to the @MuseumLiverpool and met up with Lady Anne Dodd and the curator Karen O’ Rourke, what a fantastic tribute to Ken!

Jimmy Cricket enjoyed a “wonderful visit” to a special exhibition held in honour of his great friend, the late Sir Ken Dodd.

Sir Ken is being remembered with a nostalgic display of memorabilia in his beloved hometown of Liverpool.

A famous comedian and singer, Sir Ken died in March 2018 at the age of 90.

He often did very long stand-up shows, which would last until the early hours of the morning!

People will also remember him fondly for his Diddy Men from Knotty Ash (where he was born and died) and his tickling stick.

The Museum of Liverpool exhibition, entitled Happiness!, celebrates his life and career.

It is running for six months until 3 March 2024.

The website promoting the event says: “Ken’s unique blend of whimsical, physical, surreal and theatrical humour transformed the UK’s comedy scene.

‘Natural gift for making people laugh’

“Using memorabilia from Ken Dodd’s personal archive, this show will explore Ken’s career and how his comedic approach continues to be used and adopted by some of the UK’s most well-known and emerging comedians.

“Fondly remembered for the magical world he created, including Ken Dodd’s Diddymen, his tickling stick and the jam butty mines, his true passion was his natural gift for making people laugh.

“The exhibition will build on Ken’s passion, looking at the science of comedy, happiness and why laughter is good for our health.”

You can book tickets here for the exhibition.

Fellow funnyman Jimmy visited the exhibition yesterday (Thursday, 19 October).

He said: “What a wonderful visit to the ‘Happiness Exhibition’ today when we went to the @MuseumLiverpool and met up with Lady Anne Dodd and the curator Karen O’ Rourke.

“What a fantastic tribute to Ken!”

Signature song

The son of a coal merchant, Ken Dodd had been a comedian since 1954.

He made it into the Guinness Book of Records for telling 1,500 jokes in three-and-a-half hours.

Sir Ken was also a ventriloquist and an established singer.

He had many recording hits, charting on 18 occasions in the UK Top 40.

His version of Bill Anderson’s Happiness, which reached 31 in the charts in 1964, became his signature song.

And his recording of Tears topped the UK singles chart for five weeks in 1965.

It was the biggest hit single in Britain that year, selling more than one million copies in the UK alone.


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Mary’s Meals

His best-known catchphrases include ‘And there’s more!’ and ‘Come closer!’

He is also famed for reading out Letters from his Mammy, which have provided the material for two published books.

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From bingo caller to 50 Golden Years in showbiz!

Wishing Sir Ken Dodd a happy 90th on Twitter! 150 150 mhamer

Wishing Sir Ken Dodd a happy 90th on Twitter!

Jimmy Cricket wished Sir Ken Dodd a happy 90th birthday on TwitterJimmy Cricket used social media to wish his great friend Sir Ken Dodd a happy 90th birthday!

The Northern Irish entertainer posted the following message on Twitter on 8 November:  “A very happy 90th Birthday to the Squire of knotty Ash himself. Sir Kenneth Dodd. I hope his day is filled with Tattifilariousness and plumpiousness!”

Sir Ken is an English comedian, singer-songwriter and actor, particularly famous for his red, white and blue “tickling stick” and his upbeat greeting of “how tickled I am!”.  He also created the Diddymen characters from Knotty Ash on Merseyside, where he is a local resident.

Jimmy, 72, was also among those to pay tribute to Sir Ken when he was honoured with a lifetime achievement award in front of a star-studded audience at the British Music Hall Society event at the Lansdowne Club in central London recently.