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King Charles III, Royal Mint & Jimmy’s birthday 150 150 mhamer

King Charles III, Royal Mint & Jimmy’s birthday

Jimmy Cricket tells regular jokes onlineKing Charles III, the Royal Mint and even his own birthday have been among the subject matter in some of Jimmy Cricket’s latest one-liners posted on Twitter.

Popular comedian Jimmy regularly tells jokes on the social media channel to entertain fans and friends.

And, in case you missed them, here are some of those the ever-green Northern Irish entertainer has published over the past few months.

Well folks… today I’m 77 – Click! Click! Sunset Strip! So, what’s the matter with having a few extra wrinkles, I love wrinkly chips, don’t I?

I’ve heard King Charles won’t be getting his crown until next year… that shows you how hard it is to get an appointment with the dentist these days.

If the government do put a tax on sweets, it’ll prove they’re fudging the issue.

I sat beside a transplant surgeon on the train recently… he was a man after my own heart.

I’ve just heard the staff at the Royal Mint are going on strike… to make less money.  

That’s why I enjoy feeding the ducks in the park… at least their bills don’t keep getting bigger.

I feel sorry for anyone called Matt… people walk all over them.

Tea towels

I’ve found a great way to cut down on my electricity bill… I only plug the electric clock in when I want to know the time.

I had a job once printing initials on tea towels… I really made a name for myself!

I’ve finally found a way to stop the birds pecking at the milk bottles… I’ve locked the gate so they can’t get up the drive.

Never buy air conditioning straight away… make sure there’s a cooling-off period.

I’ve found a great way to keep energy bills down… a paper clip!

The new Elvis movie proves that Colonel Parker had a nose for talent; in fact, he was a right nosey parker!

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