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‘Hit for six by star comic’s latest reinvention’ 150 150 mhamer

‘Hit for six by star comic’s latest reinvention’

South Wales Argus article about Jimmy Cricket

Jimmy Cricket and his wellies had them laughing in the Valleys recently.

The famous Irish comedian performed at Pontypool Park in Pontypool, south Wales, in mid-August.

A feature all about Jimmy and his successful showbiz career appeared in the South Wales Argus a week before the show.

The newspaper article began… If you were a keen viewer of comedy sketch shows in the 1980s, the name Jimmy Cricket stirs up many a comical image.

Remembered for reading humorous letters from his “mammy” while sporting an out-of-shape hat, a dinner jacket matched with a pair of cut-off evening trousers and a trademark pair of wrongly matched wellies clearly marked “L” and “R”, Jimmy was loved by young and old alike for his numerous TV and radio appearances.

The Irish-born comedian’s training ground stretches back to the 1960s when he was a redcoat in Butlins holiday camps organising everything from darts matches to hula-hoop contests.

“Looking back, it’s like what young people do for these performance degrees,” he says.

“I suppose the holiday camps were a bit like that because you learned how to project to the back of the theatre and to put stage make up on. It held me in great stead for pantomime and things like that…”

Over 3,000 and still counting 150 150 mhamer

Over 3,000 and still counting

Irish comedian Jimmy Cricket is celebrating another milestone with sales of his first live DVD.

Jimmy Cricket Live - Pull Your Seats Forward

More than 3,000 copies of “Jimmy Cricket Live – Pull Your Seats Forward” have now been sold.

The DVD was created by Jimmy’s small company, Wellie Boot Productions, a couple of years ago.

Belfast-born Jimmy produced the DVD in response to the overwhelming public clamour that suggested there was a real demand for a recording of his stand-up entertainment.

It was filmed at the Royal Court Theatre in Bacup, Lancashire, near Jimmy’s adopted home of Rochdale in Greater Manchester.

The DVD is an hour and 10 minutes long and includes Jimmy’s favourite routines, a phone call and letter from his mammy, his famous “Leaving Home” poem, his sentimental ballad called “I’m Dreaming of a Far off Land” and 20 minutes of extras.

Jimmy said he was especially pleased about reaching 3,000 based on the fact that the DVD is not available in retail outlets: it can only be bought via the Go Shopping page on this website (where you can purchase all Jimmy’s merchandise) or at one of his live performances.

“I am thrilled I have reached this milestone after such a short selling period,” said Jimmy. “It proves I am filling a gap in the market.

“To reach 3,000 sales is truly a significant achievement to celebrate. This DVD is something I am very proud of.

“I have also had good feedback from those who have purchased it. This always pleases me, as I set out with an aim to create a high-quality comedy product which was suitable for all the family.

“If you have not got your copy, you still have every chance to as I have now just placed an order for another 1,000 copies to replenish my stocks!”