Watch Jimmy Cricket at Bristol’s slapstick festival

Jimmy Cricket is without doubt a 1980s comedy icon

Jimmy Cricket is taking part in the 15th Slapstick Festival in Bristol at the weekend.

The famous comedian will be performing from 5pm on Sunday (20 January) at The Weston Studio Bristol Old Vic on King Street.

Other performers at the 33 events over six days include Bill OddieGraeme Garden, Tim Brooke-TaylorBarry CryerLittle & LargeSally Phillips and Dad’s Army’s Frank Williams.

The promotional write-up for the festival says: “Jimmy Cricket is without doubt a 1980s comedy icon. With his trademark wellington boots (on the wrong feet), his famous letters from his Mammy and his catchphrases of ‘come closer’ and ‘there’s more’, he holds the hearts of all those that were fans of his TV and radio shows.

“As hilarious as ever, and winning new fans wherever he performs, Jimmy will excite and delight audiences with his special brand of family friendly stand up comedy. A real nostalgic family treat.”

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