St Patrick’s Day week starts on Hayling Island

Jimmy Cricket performing

Jimmy Cricket performingFamous funnyman Jimmy Cricket began St Patrick’s Day week with a visit to the Mill Rythe Holiday Village on Hayling Island in Hampshire.

It was not Jimmy’s first visit to Mill Rythe as he has been there on several occasions in the past.

In fact, he was at the resort a couple of years ago helping those holidaying at the resort to celebrate St Pat’s week in style, as was the case this year when he opened their 2017 Irish festival.

Mill Rythe is a favoured location for Jimmy as the set-up is technically advanced and state-of-the-art.

They have live video feeds of stage performers screened on TV monitors around the main cabaret room, as well as great lighting and a fantastic sound system.

It means those entertaining get the best of environments in which to ply their trade, while the audience are treated to the best all-round experience.

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