City Varieties theatre hosts Music Hall shows

The Good Old Days show at the City Varieties Music Hall in Leeds

Jimmy Cricket went back in time when he appeared on the opening weekend of the autumn 2016 season at the world-famous City Varieties Music Hall theatre in Leeds.

Jimmy Cricket appeared in The Good Old Days show at the City Varieties Music Hall in Leeds

Each year the City Varieties recreates a version of Music Hall, an incredibly popular format for theatre during Victorian Britain.

The venue in Leeds is synonymous with Music Hall, as not only was it built to stage these shows, but it was also the location where the very popular and much-loved BBC light entertainment show called  The Good Old Days was filmed during the 1970s & 1980s.

The show – Jimmy appeared in the original in the 80s – retains its eternal popularity as the reruns of it on BBC4 on Friday evenings attract significant viewing figures.

The City Varieties Music Hall theatre Jimmy, 70, headlined the first show of autumn 2016 where there was the typical chairman figure, who presided over proceedings and linked in to every artist with a cacophony of words – in this instance the role was played by the very experienced Johnny Dennis.

Also on the bill was the talented plate spinner Andy Van Buren and the highly skilled ukulele player and vocalist Wendy King – both gifted performers who are also good friends of Jimmy.

Comedian Jimmy said: “I was thrilled to participate in this Music Hall show, which continues a long-held tradition at this unique and historic venue set within the heart of Leeds city centre.”

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