Tea on the Green in Exeter with the Jive Aces

Jimmy Cricket with the Jive Aces

Comedian Jimmy Cricket bumped into the Jive Aces on his travels in the West Country.

Well-known entertainer Jimmy had appeared in Torquay and was staying overnight at the Holiday Inn Express in Exeter when he saw his friends the Jive Aces, who had also stopped off at the same overnight lodgings.

The Jive Aces are a high energy, jive and swing band, formed in 1989. They were the winners of BBC TV’s Opportunity Knocks and also Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalists in 2012.

They played at the wedding reception of Jimmy’s youngest daughter last year and he was thrilled to meet up with them again in Exeter.

Jimmy Cricket and his wife May with the Jive Aces

Jimmy, pictured above with the band and his wife May, said: “We headed into the city for brunch and stopped off outside Cathedral Green at a lovely spot called Tea on the Green. Not only was the food great there, but the owner Ben was very hospitable and warm.

“Over brunch, I learned that the Jive Aces had made it over to the United States earlier this year, where they spent a couple of months touring around the state of Florida.

“I wonder who I will bump into next on my tour of shows around the UK!”

Jimmy Cricket with the Jive Aces

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