Tiniest chapel in the world?

Jimmy and May visited the Little Chapel
Jimmy and May visited The Little Chapel

Comedian Jimmy Cricket and his wife May visited one of the world’s smallest chapels on a visit to Guernsey.

Jimmy was appearing at the Wayside Cheer Hotel on the island in a show promoted by his good friend Ken Smith, whom he has known for some time.

Ken has been promoting shows for years on the island. His favourite venue is the Wayside Cheer Hotel, even to the point where he decided to purchase it as a going concern when it went up for sale a couple of years ago.

Jimmy and May stayed for a few days at the Wayside Cheer Hotel after the show and had a terrific time on the island.

Jimmy performed in the function room at the Wayside Cheer Hotel
Function room at the Wayside Cheer Hotel

During the visit Jimmy was invited out to lunch by Carol Carlile. Carol wanted to show her appreciation to him as a thank-you for him writing a sympathetic letter to her after the death of her mum, Ivy, in 2010. The letter was read out at Ivy’s funeral.

Jimmy enjoyed eating at the Wayside Cheer Hotel on Guernsey
Jimmy enjoyed eating at the Wayside Cheer Hotel

After lunch, Carol took Jimmy and May on a tour which included The Little Chapel on Guernsey.

The official website for The Little Chapel says: “A work of art and a labour of love, The Little Chapel is possibly the smallest chapel in the world.

“It was built by Brother Déodat who started work in March 1914. His plan was to create a miniature version of the famous grotto and basilica at Lourdes in France. Guardianship of The Little Chapel now rests with Blanchelande Girls College which is run by a Charitable Trust.

“The Little Chapel is beautifully decorated with seashells, pebbles and colourful pieces of broken china and the College has an ongoing programme of repairs and improvements.”

A torchlight procession at The Little Chapel takes place at dusk on the Feast of the Assumption and the Stations of the Cross are said on the first Monday in May each year.

Jimmy and May with Carol Carlile and her husband Mark
Jimmy and May with Carol Carlile and her husband Mark

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