Jimmy’s friend Patti Gold celebrates 60th birthday

Jimmy, his wife May (right) and good friend Patti
Jimmy, his wife May (right) and good friend Patti

Jimmy Cricket recently attended the 60th birthday of a good friend of his, the former singer Patti Gold.

The bash was hosted at Patti’s local golf club in Wakefield called Higher Lane Golf Club.

Patti and Jimmy go back a long way and although Patti has now left the business, her husband is still heavily involved and is an excellent musical director called Stuart Gold, who used to be the main musical director at the legendary Batley Variety Club and has worked with some of the most famous singers and entertainers in the country.

Patti actually featured in Jimmy’s first television series on ITV of “And There’s More” way back in the mid 1980s as one of the supporting cast members. Alongside Patti was impressionist Rory Bremmer. This was Rory’s first break on television before he launched himself on a bigger platform.

Jimmy said: “I really enjoyed myself at Patti’s party and am thrilled I have been able to keep in touch with her for all these years.

“Although Patti left the business a number of years ago to work in IT, interestingly enough she has recently taken a job working in a dance and drama school, so she is re-introducing herself slowly back into the world of arts and entertainment!”

6 thoughts on “Jimmy’s friend Patti Gold celebrates 60th birthday

    1. Hi Pat….remember me from 45 years ago??!! One of the original Deb Set with Rosie! I have been trying to find her online but I managed to find (and recognise) you!! Maybe you can give her my email address?? Hope she will get in touch. Thanks Linda

    2. hi patti
      saw you pic on here .it was so nice to see you again .well patti i lived at rothwell went to school in rothwell use to see you all the time i live on the john o gants .i would waik down to rothwell as a kid .but the years go so fast i remnber when we saw you on tv. i sald i no that girl.
      then saw you again again on tv .it was so nice seeing someone from rothwell on tv..

      but just like you i am geting older i am 60 next year
      but all the best to you also happy brithday
      love from ralphe

    3. hi patti remember me jean crabtree that was. we went to dance schools together I danced with carol hirst and competition trios with you have lived in somerset for over 40 years. dad said he saw you at golf club . still dancing running a linedance class.remember me to rosemary great memories jean x.

      1. Hello, I worked in Leeds panto with Patti and Jean and Rosie. Remember it fondly-and you were all such great girls! I still dance too – Mandy Rogers xx

  1. Hi patti i saw a poster in shipley with your name on it but i didn’t read it fully are you appearing localy my mum mary belcher would love to see you im sure .ive not told her incase im wrong cheers maria

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